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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

        VOLUME 22, NO. 50                                    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2017                                                    25 CENTS
                                                                            Get Rid of a Bike Lane Recently

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               Point of View

              Why Bike Lanes are a Bad Idea

               A bike lane is a lane reserved for cyclists, and it’s usually on
          the right edge of the roadway. Bike lanes are separated from the
          rest of traffic by a solid or striped line.
               If you ride regularly, you probably have somebody in your
          life that’s just itching to tell you that the city ought to put a bike
          lane on every major street. “It will be safer,” bicyclist proclaim;
          are they right?
               No. Bike lanes only do two things: they make life worse for
          cyclists, and they allow politicians and uninformed advocates to
          feel that they’ve “done something for cycling.”
          The first problem with bike lanes is:
               Bike lanes cause turning and crossing conflicts          NYS Assemblyman Edward  D-Bayside, announced that he is  He said, “It is clear that the bike
               Think first about what it’s like on an arterial street when there   Braunstein told the NYC Depart-  asking the DOT to remove the  lane on Northern Boulevard was
          is no bike lane. On an arterial without bike lanes, everybody   ment  of  Transportation    to  rip  bike lane recently installed along  poorly designed and hastily con-
          follows the same rules. Drivers planning to turn right position   out  the  controversial  bike  lane  Northern  Boulevard  following  structed and unsafe for motorists
          themselves in the right hand lane. Those planning to turn left   that lines Northern Boulevard in  a slew of complaints from com-  and bicyclists alike.”
          do so from the left-turning lane. Drivers planning to go straight   Bayside.          munity members that the lane is
                                                                             Assemblyman  Braunstein,  unsafe for both bikers and drivers.   (Continued on page 2)
                            (Continued on page 2)

           The Queens County Bar Association                            Vallone and Selfhelp Community
           And Local Queens Bar Associations
                     Annual Holiday Party                               Services Announce Expansion of
                                                                   Free Senior Transportation Program

        Pictured above at the gift at the drop-off table are of the Queens
        County  Bar  Association  officers  Thomas  Principe,  Esq.  -  Past
        President  of  the  St.  John’s  Law  School  Alumni  Association  of
        Queens County; Alexandra Zervopoulos, Esq. - President of the
        Queens County Women’s Bar Association; Hon. Mojgan Cohanim
        Lancman - President of the Brandeis Association; Jawan Finley, Esq.
        - President of the Macon B. Allen Black Bar Association; Richard
        Gutierrez, Esq. - Past President of the Latino Lawyers Association
        of  Queens  County  and  Gregory  Newman,  Esq.  -  President  of
        the  Queens  County  Bar  Association.  Photo  by  Walter  Karling
                  The  Queens  County  Bar   County attended. Each brought
        Association  and  local  Queens  gifts to be donated to Forestdale,
        Bar  Associations  co-sponsored  Inc.  a  non-profit  foster  care                                                   Photo by Bruce Cunningham
        the Annual Holiday Party, held  agency in Queens; and, in addi-
        at the Floral Terrace where many  tion over $500 was collected for   Council Member Vallone and Selfhelp Community Services announced the expansion of the widely
        attorneys and judges of Queens  the agency.                popular Senior Transportation Program to the entire borough of Queens.  See story on page 7.
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