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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 25, NO. 14                                       THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2020                                                  25 CENTS

                                                                      Hope Sailed Into New York City Via
                  Beware of Scams,
                    Especially Now                                           Navy Hospital Ship ‘Comfort’

                Criminals are trying to take advantage of the
                          coronavirus outbreak.
               Queens Times wants its readers to be aware and here are 5
          Things to Know
          1.   Beware of anyone visiting, emailing, or calling about outstand-
          ing bills or disconnecting service. You are not going to lose your
          power even if you can’t pay your bill now.
          2.   If anyone asks you for money for “new meters because of coro-
          navirus,” that’s bogus. We don’t charge for meters. And, we’ve put
          smart meter installation on hold.
          3.   If someone comes to your door, verify they are who they say
          they are. We’ll only enter your home or business for emergencies,
          safety reasons and upon your request for critical issues, including
          turning on service. If someone claims to be from Con Edison,
          call 1 800 75 CONED (1 800 752 6633) and check the employee’s
          name and ID#.
          4.   If you are making a payment, do it safely. We never accept pay-
          ment by cash apps such as Venmo, or bitcoin. We only accept online
          payments through and
          5.   Suspicious about an email from Con Edison? Don’t click on
          any links you’re unsure about.
               If you have an emergency, call 911 or us at 1 800 75 CONED
          (1 800 752 6633).                                             The Navy hospital ship “Com-       The USNS Comfort a 1,000  gency field hospitals are popping
               Also, if you have an appointment with us, please let us know   fort” arrived in New York Har-  beds floating hospital docked at  up across the city.
          if you or anyone on your premises is quarantined by calling us.   bor to help the city’s health care  Pier 90. It is that will be designated       The Christian organization
          We’re here to keep New York safe and your energy reliable.   system  that’s  overwhelmed  by  for patients with non-coronavirus  Samaritan’s Purse has built a 68-
                                                                   the rising number of coronavirus  issues.                 bed facility near Fifth Avenue and
                                                                   patients.                         Meanwhile, several other emer-  99th Street in Central Park.
           Koo and Meng Thank Local

         Companies For Donating Hand                                  MTA Commuter Agencies Working to

                   Sanitizers to Police                                         Getting PTC Fully Installed

             Council Member Peter Koo                                   By Joseph M. Calisi
        and Congresswoman Grace Meng
        have thanked two local businesses                               The Metropolitan Transporta-
        for donating 5,000 small bottles                           tion Authority of New York has
        of hand sanitizers to local police                         announced that its commuter rail-
        precincts  throughout  Queens.                             road, the Long Island Rail Road
        The donations follow calls by the                          (LIRR), is getting it done as they
        elected officials for the commu-                           work towards full compliance for
        nity to support efforts to combat                          Positive Train Control (PTC) by
        the spread of COVID-19.                                    year’s end.
             The companies are King’s                                   PTC is the rail safety system
        Action Group, general manager                              designed to prevent rail mishaps
        Nancy  Jia,  and  Kari-Out  Co.,                           such  as  collisions,  overspeed
        general  manager  David  Chan.                             protection, misaligned switches
        Today, they distributed the hand                           and human error while working
        sanitizers to the NYPD 102, 104,                           in conjunction with existing in-
        107, 109, 110, 111, and 112 Police                         cab signaling and automatic civil
        Precincts.                                                 speed enforcement systems.
             Council Member Peter Koo                                   The LIRR has announced that
        stated, “Our first responders and                          an additional 108 route miles al-
        essential workers are doing a great                        most doubles the total mileage in   we  work toward implementing  we have achieved full systemwide
        job to maintain order and contain                          compliance at 220. The activation   PTC  systemwide  by  Dec.  31,”  operation by the deadline.”
        the spread of COVID-19. We thank                           puts 72.5% of the LIRR’s 305 total   said LIRR President Phil Eng.       “This latest achievement shows
        these businesses for stepping up                           route miles now operating in PTC.   “We celebrate and applaud inter-  that we are continuing to make
        during this difficult time to ensure                            “This latest achievement shows   mediate milestones like this, but  steady and deliberate progress as
        our local police have the resources                        that we are continuing to make   everyone on the team knows we
        they need to keep themselves and   (Continued on page 6)   steady and deliberate progress as   can’t let up for one moment until   (Continued on page 2)
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