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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 24, NO. 34                                    THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2019                                                   25 CENTS
                                                                         Congressman Tom Suozzi Receives
               Point of View                                         Prestigious Guglielmo Marconi Award

           Ethnic Groups Beware Discrimination
                      Has Returned For All

                All ethnic groups must be aware of the present movement
            to divide and bring hate against each ethnic group. Those
            who spew discrimination have now focused again on Ital-
            ians whose next?
                Ever since the voyage Italians made from Italy to America
            all those of Italian Heritage have and continually have to fight
            the constant discrimination against them that continues today.
            It is even more hypocritical that in spite of all the contribu-
            tions made by Italians to make the American experience the
            success it is discrimination continues to rear its ugly head
            again with the same old words that degrade and demean all
            who are of Italian Heritage. However, for some reason it has
            been forgotten that the lands that are called “America” are
            named after an Italian, making “America” a beautiful Italian
            name and discriminating against Italians is like spitting on
            the name “America”.
                Regrettably after all of those contributions the constant
            discrimination continuously overshadows all the good Ital-
            ians made to America, then why are they constantly portrayed
            as members of organize crime? People forget that every
            ethnic group has good and bad, and with that in mind, why
            is it that only the Italians are considered the group of people
            associated with crime?
                Why in the twenty-first century does society continue to
            allow the same old slanderous discrimination against those of   Rep  Suozzi  receives  this  National  Award  which  is  presented  biennially  to  an  Italian
            Italian Heritage? Society pits one group against another, today   American  who  has  made  significant  contributions  to  the  United  States  by  the  Order
                                                                   Sons  &  Daughters  of  Italy  in  America’s  (OSDIA)  Highest  Honor.  See  story  on  page  2.
            those who look to divide are using the Italians to justify the
            attack on other ethnic groups, filling skewed knowledge and
                           (Continued on page 2)                    NYC Parks Cuts Ribbon on $14 Million

          110 Pct. Community Council National                          Sunset Cove Salt Marsh Restoration
                   Night Out Against Crime

                At  the  110  Pct.  Communi-  the members (l to r front) Joseph
        ty Council National Night Out  DeGaetano, Mike Liquori, Rachel
        Against Crime, held at Flushing  Perna Femia, Robert Liquori (l to
        Meadows Corona Park in Corona  r rear) Vincent  Laucella and Al
        Heights, where some of the 110 Pct  Perna. Everyone had a great time      NYC Parks Commissioner Mitch-  Addabbo, Assembly Member Stacy  Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy
        CC members, who under extreme  and awards were given to many  ell J. Silver, FAICP, joined Director  Pheffer Amato, Community Board  Alex Zablocki, and President of
        heat, cooked and served 2000 hot  members for their service to the  of the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency  14 District Manager Jon Gaska,
        dogs. Pictured above are some of  community. Photo by Bob Grant.  Jainey Bavishi, State Senator Joe  Executive Director of the Jamaica   (Continued on page 2)
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