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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 26, NO. 14                                       THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 2021                                                  25 CENTS

                                                                       Congressman Suozzi And I AM PAC
              Landmark Civil Rights Lawsuit
             Filed by Major Italian American                               Endorses Eric Adams For Mayor

                 Organizations in a Show of
                          National Unity
           Italian Americans Seek Equal Treatment Under Federal Law
                 Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit was filed against Mayor
            James F. Kenney and the City of Philadelphia; the
                 Plaintiffs are The Conference Of Presidents Of Major Ital-
            ian American Organizations, Philadelphia Councilmember
            Mark F. Squilla, and The 1492 Society, and the Suit has been
            filed in the United States District Court, Eastern District of
                 On January 27, 2021, Mayor Kenney by “Executive Order”
            No. 2-21 unilaterally canceled “Columbus Day” as a holiday
            in Philadelphia, and replaced it with “Indigenous Peoples
            Day.” No notice  was  given  to  the  other  branches  of  the
            Philadelphia  Government  which  had  a  right to designate
            holidays, no input from the public was requested or allowed
            for, and no deference was given to  State  Statue  (44  P.S Sec-
            tion32)  declaring  “Columbus  Day”  as  an official  statewide
            holiday,  all  in  violation  of  the  Philadelphia  Home  Rule
            Charter.  More  importantly,  Mayor Kenney’s  Executive
            Order  is  the  latest  in  a  long  pattern  of  discrimination    Mayoral Candidate Brooklyn BP Eric Adams is pictured receiving endorsements from U.S.
            against  the  Italian American Community in Philadelphia   Rep. Tom Suozzi and the Italian American PAC (I AM PAC) in front of Tony’s Beechhurst
            (including the toppling in the middle of the night of the Rizzo   Deli in Whitestone. Pictured endorsing Adams for mayor is (r to l) I AM PAC Pres. James
            Statue and the boxing up the Columbus Statue in Marconi   C. Lisa, Emilo Polito owner of Tony’s Beechhurst Deli, Congressman Tom Suozzi, I AM
            Plaza), and violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of   PAC VP Robert Fonti, I AM PAC Board Members Dr. Joseph Scelsa, founder of the Italian
            “Equal Protection” against governmental discrimination.  Museum and Joseph DiPietro, President of the Federation of Italian American Organizations
                 Basil Russo, the President of the Conference of Presidents   in Queens. Photo by Stefano Santoro. See story on page 2.

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                                                                    Corona Community Honors Those Lost
          New York State Comptroller Thomas                                    During COVID-19 Pandemic
              DiNapoli Endorses City Council
            Candidate Debra Markell (CD-23)

        New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced
        his endorsement for City Council candidate Debra Markell
        for the June 22 Democratic primary. DiNapoli’s endorsement
        is vital at a time when the state and city face challenges in  Councilman Francisco Moya hosts a Tree of Hope event honoring members of the Corona
        recovering from a pandemic. See story on page 2.           community who were lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. See story on page 2.
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