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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 25, NO. 48                                   THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 2020                                                  25 CENTS

                                                                          Cuomo Would Likely Continue Its

                                                                                   “Micro-Cluster” Strategy

                                                                        NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo  rather than classify an entire city       Under state parameters, an area
                                                                   believes that it is feasible to con-  or region into a red, orange or  of New York that sees a 7-day
                                                                   tinue the “micro-cluster” strategy  yellow zone. That would confine  positivity rate average of 3% for
                                                                   targeting  communities  where  restrictions only to those areas
         Council Member Vallone Lauds Passage                      COVID-19  cases  have  surged  where the virus is spiking.     (Continued on page 2)
              of Anti-Age Discrimination Bills
                                                                   Flushing Waterfront Project Vote Postponed

                                                                        With opposition to the Special  on zoning and franchises was to  opposing the “Special Flushing
             At Stated Meeting, Council  Development,  prevent  and  ad-  Flushing  Waterfront  District  weigh in on the $1 billion private  Waterfront District Project”.
        Member  Paul  A.  Vallone  cel-  dress age discrimination in the  Project  proposal  to  transform  development plan, but tabled the       Moya tweeted out the statement,
        ebrated the passage of a package  workplace and help develop the  Flushing’s  waterfront  growing  matter until Dec. 7. The delay fol-  saying approval would be a “grave
        of five bills he proudly co-spon-  older  adult  workforce.  Vallone  among  City  Council  members,  lows a statement issued by a dozen  mistake.”
        sored which will together create                           Wednesday’s vote was called off.  members, including subcommit-
        a  Center  for  Older  Workforce   (Continued on page 2)        The Council subcommittee  tee  chairman  Francisco  Moya,   (Continued on page 2)
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