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          VOLUME 25, NO. 27                                       THURSDAY, JULY 2, 2020                                                   25 CENTS

                                                                        Biden Says We Should ‘Protect’ Columbus,
                                                                               Washington and Jefferson Statues

                                                                           By Eddy Rodriguez

                                                                        US Democratic presidential candidate
                                                                   Joe Biden at a press conference on June 30,
                                                                   2020, in Wilmington, Delaware. The former
                                                                   Vice President said the government has “a
                                                                   responsibility to protect” statues of Chris-
                                                                   topher Columbus, George Washington, and
                                                                   Thomas Jefferson.
                                                                        Former Vice President Joe Biden said
                                                                   during a press conference Tuesday the gov-
                                                                   ernment has a “responsibility to protect” the
                                                                   statues of Christopher Columbus, George
                                                                   Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
                                                                        “Taking down, toppling the Christopher
                                                                   Columbus statue or the George Washing-
                                                                   ton statue, I think that is something that
                                                                   the government has an opportunity and a

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                                                                      Woodhaven Bid & Queens Chamber of Commerce
                                                                   Host Free Mask Pick-Up Event For Small Businesses

           Council Member Paul Vallone

          Chairs Economic Development
          Committee Hearing Focused on

                      COVID Recovery

        EDC  President  Outlines  Eco-  ment, and small business support
        nomic Recovery Efforts for our  in our “new normal.” Represent-
        City’s  “New  Normal”  during  ing the NYCEDC at this hearing
        Phased Reopening             was  James  Patchett,  President       The Woodhaven BID and the   donation of over 500,000 protec-  as part of this initiative.
                                     and CEO.                      Queens Chamber of Commerce   tive face masks from SBS to the       “NYC means business. Our
             Recently, Council Member       As New Yorkers continue social  hosted an event in Woodhaven,   Chamber, as part of a citywide  small businesses are tough, resil-
        Paul A. Vallone chaired a hearing  distancing to help stop the spread  providing local businesses with   effort to distribute more than 4  ient and they are coming back,”
        of the Committee on Economic  of  COVID-19,  thousands  more  free masks and other PPE they   million face coverings to small  said Jonnel Doris, Commissioner
        Development focused on the New  NYC businesses reopened their  ordered through the NYC Depart-  businesses and their employees  of the NYC Department of Small
        York  City  Economic  Develop-  doors at the beginning of this week  ment of Small Business Services   as the New York City economy  Business Services. “I am actively
        ment Corporation’s (NYCEDC)                                (SBS).                       reopens. The Chamber had previ-
        COVID-19 response, job develop-   (Continued on page 2)              The  masks  were  part  of  a   ously distributed 200,000 masks   (Continued on page 2)
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