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                                         Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 27, NO. 3                                     THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2022                                                  25 CENTS

                                                                    Councilman Moya Focuses on His District
                    CONSUMER ALERT
             NYS Division of Consumer Protection
           Warns New Yorkers of Carbon Monoxide
              And Fire Hazards During Extreme
                            Cold Weather

           DCP Offers Tips to Help New Yorkers Stay Safe and Warm
                   The New York State Division of Consumer Protection
              today issued a consumer alert about the dangers of carbon
              monoxide and fire hazards in extreme cold weather. The
              winter months pose the most risk for these hazards—as
              the temperatures drop, consumers may turn to danger-
              ous heating alternatives to stay warm. Propane heaters,
              generators, space heaters and/or outdoor grills all pose
              lethal risks of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire haz-
              ards when used improperly.
                   “We are in the height of the winter months with shorter
              daylight hours and extreme cold weather. To help fight
              the extreme cold weather, many people seek additional
              ways to keep warm and these heating methods can often
              be dangerous,” said Acting Secretary of State Robert J.
              Rodriguez. “There are basic tips New Yorkers can follow
              to help stay warm and most importantly, safe throughout
              the winter months.”                                  Thanks to Councilman Francisco Moya for having DOT repair above pictured Pothole. The Pothole
                           (Continued on page 2)                   was on 111th Street and 47th Avenue in Corona Heights at the northwest corner of Golf Park. The
                                                                   photo on the left is before repair and to the left is after DOT repaired Pothole. See story on page 2.
               Will You Be Their Valentine?:
           Assemblyman Braunstein Sponsors                           Meng Issues Statement Regarding Asian
              “Valentines For Vets” Gift Drive                       Woman Who Was Pushed to Her Death

                                                                        At The Times Square Subway Station

                                                                         Congresswoman Meng said:        This incident highlights the need  Adams, Governor Hochul and
                                                                        “I am horrified to learn about  to ensure that all New Yorkers who  their administrations to address
                                                                   this heinous crime in our city and  use mass transit are safe, and that  these concerns. I spoke with the
                                                                   devastated over the death of this  those in need of mental health ser-  Mayor and Governor today, and
                                                                   woman. It is a terrible and sense-  vices receive the help they require.  joined the Mayor at the scene this
                                                                   less tragedy and my heart aches for       I am committed to work-  afternoon. I thank them for reach-
                     See story and details on page 2.              her loved ones at this difficult time.  ing with our new Mayor Eric   ing out and for being responsive.”
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