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PAGE 10                                                   THE QUEENS TIMES                              THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2017

         LEGAL NOTICES           LEGAL NOTICES            LEGAL NOTICES           LEGAL NOTICES            LEGAL NOTICES           LEGAL NOTICES
         Statement From          103  HOLDING  LLC.  Arts.   Notice of Formation of MOVE   OZONE  PARK  RICHMOND  SUPREME COURT OF THE  ANSWER WITH THE COURT.
             Chancellor          of Org. filed with the SSNY   WISE HEALTH STUDIO LLC.   HILL  MANAGEMENT  LLC.  STATE OF NEW YORK  Dated:  Bay Shore, New York
                                 on 10/30/17. Office: Queens
                                                         Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
              Milliken           County.  SSNY  designated   of  State  of  NY  (SSNY)  on   Arts. of Org. filed with SSNY  COUNTY OF QUEENS   October 23, 2017
                                                                                 on 08/09/17. Off. Loc.: Queens  Wells Fargo Bank, National  F R EN K E L ,   L A M B ERT,
         On Selection Of         as  agent  of  the  LLC  upon   08/09/17.  Office  location:   Co.  SSNY  desig.  as  agt.  Association, as Trustee for First  W E I S S , W E I S M A N   &
        CUNY Student as          whom  process  against  it   Queens  County.    SSNY   upon  whom  process  may  Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust,  GORDON, LLP
                                 may be served. SSNY shall
                                                         designated as agent of LLC
          Rhodes Scholar         mail copy of process to the   upon whom process against it   be served. SSNY shall mail  Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed  BY: Pamela Flink
                                                                                                                                  Attorneys for Plaintiff
                                                                                 process to: Rudy Garcia, 8611  Certificates, Series 2005-FF6
                                 LLC, 35-12 Farrington Street,   may be served. SSNY shall mail   95th  Ave.  Ozone  Park,  NY  Plaintiff,  53 Gibson Street
             “To the illustrious roster   #2A,  Flushing,  NY  11354.   process to 43-31 45th Street,   11416.    General  Purposes.  -against-  Bay Shore, New York 11706
        of  CUNY  students  and   Purpose: Any lawful purpose.   Apt 5L, Sunnyside, NY 11104.   11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017  Farah Akhter if living and if any  (631) 969-3100
        alumni recognized for their   11/23,30,12/7,14,21&28/2017  Purpose: Any lawful activity.          be dead, any and all persons  Our File No.:  01-083457-F00
        scholarship and contribu-                        10/19,26,11/2,9,16&23/2017  Royal  Babies  Baby  Food  who  are  spouses,  widows,  TO:
        tions in myriad fields, we   PROBATE CITATION                            LLC, Arts of Org. filed with  grantees, mortgagees, lienor,  First  Franklin  Financial
        proudly add another name.    File No. 2016-2138B  JIA  SHENG  REALTY  LLC.   Sec. of State of NY (SSNY)  heirs, devisees, distributees,  Corporation
        Congratulations  to  Tha-  SURROGATE’S  COURT  –   Arts. of Org. filed with SSNY   3/27/2017.  Cty:  Queens.  or successors in interest of  2150 North First Street, Suite
        mara V. Jean on winning   QUEENS COUNTY          on 09/28/17. Off. Loc.: Queens   SSNY desig. as agent upon  such  of  the  above  as  may  100
        a  Rhodes  Scholarship,”   CITATION              Co. SSNY desig. as agt. upon   whom process against may be  be dead, and their spouses,  San Jose, CA 95131
        Chancellor James B. Mil-  THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE   whom process may be served.   served & shall mail process  heirs, devisees, distributees  New York City Environmental
        liken said. “Kudos as well to   OF NEW YORK,     SSNY shall mail process to: The   to 9156 195th St., 4N, Hollis,  and successors in interest, all  Control Board
        Macaulay Honors College   By the Grace of God Free and   LLC, 120-12 28th Ave. Flushing,   NY 11423. General Purpose.  of whom and whose names  100 Church Street, 4th Floor
        and Hunter College for pro-  Independent         NY 11354.  General Purposes.   11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017  and places of residences are  New York, NY 10007
        viding her with support and   TO:                11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017                        unknown  to  Plaintiff,  First  New  York  City  Parking
        guidance as she excelled in   RELIAS STRUNK;                             84-15 127th Street LLC, Arts   Franklin Financial Corporation,  Violations Bureau
        school.  This is one more      PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR   Notice  is  hereby  given  that   of Org. filed with Sec. of State   New York City Environmental  100 Church Street, 4th Floor
        important  recognition  of   OF QUEENS COUNTY; the   an Order entered by the Civil   of NY (SSNY) 10/11/2017. Cty:   Control Board, New York City  New York, NY 10007
        the opportunity and quality   heirs at law, next of kin and   Court,  Queens  County  on   Queens. SSNY desig. as agent   Parking Violations Bureau, New  New  York  City  Transit
        of CUNY.”                distributees of HILDA FORST,   November  6,  2017,  bearing   upon whom process against   York City Transit Adjudication  Adjudication Bureau
             Jean is CUNY’s eighth   deceased, if living, and if any   Index  Number  NC-000610-  may be served & shall mail   Bureau,    United  States  of  130 Livingston Street
        Rhodes Scholar. The others   of them be dead, to their heirs   17/QU, a copy of which may   process to Joseph G. Wehbe,   America-Internal  Revenue  Brooklyn, NY 11201
        are  Zujaja  Tauqeer,  Ma-  at law, next of kin, distributees,   be examined at the Office of   84-15  127th  St.,  Jamaica,   Service,  New  York  State  United States of America
        caulay Honors College at   l e g a t e e s ,   e x e c u t o r s ,   the  Clerk,  located  at  89-17   NY 11415. General Purpose.   Department of Taxation and  New York State Department of
        Brooklyn  College,  2011;   administrators,  assignees   Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica,   1/2,9,16,23,30&12/7/2017  Finance,  Taxation and Finance
        David L.V. Bauer, Macaulay   and  successors  in  interest   NY 11435, grants me (us) the         Defendants.             11/2,9,16&23/2017
        Honors College at City Col-  whose names are unknown and   right to: Assume the name of   GREEN GROVE HOLDINGS,   INDEX # 704334/2017
        lege, 2009; Lev A. Sviridov,   cannot be ascertained after due   (First) CLARA (Last) THAN.   LLC Articles of Org. filed NY   Filed: 10/24/17  Notice  of  Formation  of  182
        City College, 2005; Eugene   diligence.          My present name is (First) NFN   Sec. of State (SSNY) 4/07/16.   SUPPLEMENTALSUMMONS  PROPERTY LLC. Arts. of Org.
        Shenderov, Brooklyn Col-     A petition having been duly   (Last) CLARA AKA NO GIVING   Office in Queens Co. SSNY   Plaintiff designates Queens  filed with Secy. of State of NY
        lege, 2005; Lisette Nieves,   filed by Pauline Elias Stavrou,   NAME CLARA, AKA CLARA,   design.  Agent  of  LLC  upon   County as the place of trial.  (SSNY)  on  10/19/17.  Office
        Brooklyn  College,  1992;   who  is  domiciled  at  5334   AKA  MARY  CHRISTINA   whom process may be served.   Venue  is  based  upon  the  location: Queens County.  SSNY
        Raymond Paretzky, Queens   Heatherland  Court,  Ellicott   CLARA. My Present address   SSNY shall mail copy of process   County in which the mortgaged  designated as agent of LLC
        College, 1983; and Robert T.   City, Maryland 21043.  is  108-64  45th  Avenue,   to  the  Registered  Agent:   premises is situated.  upon whom process against
        Molloy, City College, 1939.     YOU ARE HEREBY CITED   Corona, NY 11368-2927. My   Demetrios  Coritsidis  25-61   TO  THE  ABOVE  NAMED  it may be served. SSNY shall
             Sviridov (D. Phil. Uni-  TO SHOW CAUSE before the   place of birth is BURMA. My   Steinway ST Astoria, NY 11103.   DEFENDANT(S):  mail process to 56-43 212th
        versity of Oxford) is now   Surrogate’s  Court,  Queens   date of birth is May 01, 1963.    Purpose: Any lawful activity.           YOU  ARE  HEREBY  Street,  Queens,  NY  11364.
        an  assistant  professor  of   County,  at  88-11  Sutphin   11/16/2017  11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017  SUMMONED to answer the  Purpose: Any lawful activity.
        chemistry at Hunter College   Boulevard, Room 62, Jamaica,                                        Complaint in this action and to  11/2,9,16,23,30&12/7/2017
        and director of its Macaulay   New York on January 18, 2018   Notice of Formation of MHPA   A C T   O N   I T   E A R LY   serve a copy of your Answer or,
        Honors College program.  at 9:30 o’clock in the fore noon   INVESTOR LLC. Arts. of Org.           if the Complaint is not served  Candle  Creations  123  LLC,
             The City University of   of that day, why a decree should   filed  with  Secy.  of  State  of   INTERVENTION  LLC.  Arts.   with this Summons, to serve a  Arts of Org. filed with Sec. of
                                                                                 of  Org.  filed  with  SSNY  on
        New  York  is  the  nation’s   not be made in the estate of   NY (SSNY) on 11/2/17. Office        Notice of Appearance on the  State of NY (SSNY) 10/3/2017.
        leading urban public uni-  Hilda Forst, a/k/a Hilda J. Forst,   location:  Queens  County.   09/27/17. Off. Loc.: Queens   attorneys for the plaintiff within  Cty:  Queens.  SSNY  desig.
                                                                                 Co. SSNY desig. as agt. upon
        versity. Founded in 1847,   lately domiciled at 62-05 80   SSNY  designated  as  agent            twenty (20) days after service  as agent upon whom process
        the  University  comprises   Street, Middle Village, New York   of LLC upon whom process   whom process may be served.   of this Summons, exclusive  against  may  be  served  &
                                                                                 SSNY shall mail process to: The
        24  institutions:  11  senior   11379, admitting to probate a   against it may be served. SSNY    of the day of service; or within  shall mail process to 120-07
        colleges,  seven  commu-  Will dated April 15, 2016, a copy   shall mail process to: Notias   LLC, 75-15 Main St Flushing,   thirty (30) days after service is  134th  St.,  S.  Ozone  Park,
                                                                                 NY 11367. General Purposes.
        nity colleges, William E.   of which is attached, as the   Development LLC, 29-10 120th           complete if this Summons is  NY 11420. General Purpose.
        Macaulay Honors College   Will of Hilda Forst, deceased,   Street, Flushing, NY 11354.   11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017  not personally delivered to you  11/9,16,23,30,12/7&14/2017
        at CUNY, CUNY Gradu-     relating to real and personal   Purpose: any lawful activity.   Formation of Brand New Gods  within the State of New York; or
        ate Center, CUNY Gradu-  property, and directing that   11/23,30,12/7,14,21&28/2017  LLC, Art. of Org. filed with SSNY  within sixty (60) days if it is the  ASTORIAL  PROPERTIES,
        ate School of Journalism,   Letter Testamentary issue to:                on 9/19/17. Off. loc.: Queens  United States of America.  In  LLC. Arts. of Org. filed with
        CUNY  School  of  Law,   Pauline Elias Stavrou.  Notice  is  hereby  given  that   Co. SSNY designated as agent  case of your failure to appear  the SSNY on 10/11/17. Office:
        CUNY School of Profes-   Dated, Attested and Sealed.    license # 1305676 has been   upon whom process may be  or answer, judgment will be  Queens  County.  SSNY
        sional Studies and CUNY   November 15, 2017.     applied  for  El  Rinconcito   served & shall mail proc.: 63-  taken against you by default  designated  as  agent  of  the
        Graduate School of Public   Hon. Peter J. Kelly,   Ranchero  Restaurant  Corp   25 Saunders St., Rego Park,  for the relief demanded in the  LLC  upon  whom  process
        Health and Health Policy.   Surrogate.           for  Wine  &  Beer  under  the   NY  11374.  Purp.:  any  purp.  Complaint.  against it may be served. SSNY
        The University serves more   James Lim Becker,   alcoholic beverage control law   11/2,9,16,23,30,12/7/2017  NOTICE       shall  mail  copy  of  process
        than 272,000 degree-seek-  Chief Clerk.          at 37-82 103RD ST, CORONA                        YOU  ARE  IN  DANGER  OF  to  the  LLC,  21-83Steinway
        ing students. College Now,   Anne Landers,       NY 11368.               NOTICE  OF  FORMATION  LOSING YOUR HOME          Street,  Astoria,  NY  11105.
        the University’s academic   Attorney for Petitioner  11/9&16/2017        o f   C A R L   A N D R E S S     If you do not respond to this  Purpose: Any lawful purpose.
        enrichment program, is of-  62-87 Woodhaven Boulevard                    ENTERPRISES LLC. Articles  summons and complaint by  11/9,16,23,30,12/7&14/2017
        fered at CUNY campuses   Rego Park, N.Y. 11374   Notice  is  hereby  given  that   of  Organization  filed  with  serving a copy of the answer on
        and  more  than  400  high   (718) 424-0087      an Order entered by the Civil   Secretary  of  State  of  NY  the attorney for the mortgage   Notice of Formation of TEC
        schools throughout the five   11/23,30,12/7&14/2017  Court,  Queens  County  on   (SSNY)  on  September  15,  company  who  filed  this  BUILDING  SYSTEMS  LLC
        boroughs. The University                         November  7,  2017,  bearing   2017. Office location: Queens  foreclosure proceeding against   Arts. of Org. filed with Secy.
        offers  online  baccalaure-  Notice of formation of West  Index  Number  NC-000716-  County.  SSNY  has  been  you and filing the answer with   of  State  of  NY  (SSNY)  on
        ate  and  master’s  degrees   LIC  LLC  Arts.  of  Org.  filed  17/QU, a copy of which may   designated as agent of LLC  the court, a default judgment   10/26/17.  Office  location:
        through the School of Pro-  with the Sect’y of State of NY  be examined at the Office of   upon whom process against  may be entered and you can   Queens County.  Princ. office
        fessional Studies.       (SSNY) on 9/11/2017. Office  the  Clerk,  located  at  89-17   it may be served. The Post  lose your home.  of LLC: 47-25 34th St., 4th Fl.,
                                 location, County of Queens.   Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica,   Office address to which the     Speak to an attorney or go   Long Island City, NY 11101.
                                 SSNY has been designated  NY 11435, grants me (us) the   SSNY  shall  mail  a  copy  of  to the court where your case is  SSNY  designated  as  agent
                                 as  agent  of  the  LLC  upon  right  to:  Assume  the  name   any  process  against  CARL  pending for further information   of LLC upon whom process
                                 whom process against it may  of (First) NOKA (Last) KIM.   ANDRESS  ENTERPRISES  on how to answer the summons   against it may be served. SSNY
                                 be served. SSNY shall mail  My  present  name  is  (First)   LLC  served  upon  him/her  and protect your property.  shall mail process to the LLC
                                 process to: c/o Wendy Staloff,  NOKA  (Middle)  HUIHUNG   is:  4306  46th  Street,  #2G,     Sending a payment to your   at the addr. of its princ. office.
                                 23-31 33rd Rd., Astoria, NY  (Last)  KIM  (infant).  My   Sunnyside,  NY  11104.  The  mortgage company will not stop  Purpose: Any lawful activity.
                                 11106. Purpose: any lawful act.  Present  address  is  64-49   principal  business  address  this foreclosure action.  11/9,16,23,30,12/7&14/2017
                                 11/23,30,12/7,14,21&28/2017  WETHEROLE  STREET,   is:  4306  46th  Street,  #2G,        YOU  MUST  RESPOND
                                                         APT  3H,  Rego  Park,  NY   Sunnyside, NY 11104. There  BY  SERVING  A  COPY  OF
                                                         11374.  My  place  of  birth  is   is  no  specific  date  set  for  THE  ANSWER  ON  THE
                                                         QUEENS,  NY.  My  date  of   dissolution. Purpose: to engage  AT TO R N E Y  FO R  T H E
                                                         birth  is  February  12,  2017.    in any lawful activity or act.  PLAINTIFF  (MORTGAGE
                            11/23/2017              10/26,11/2,9,16,23&30/2017  COMPANY) AND FILING THE
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