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PAGE 2                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                        THURSDAY, JULY 2, 2020

            Park Side Restaurant                                     Council Member Paul Vallone Chairs Economic
                                                                       Development Committee Hearing Focused on

          Queens’Finest Italian Restaurant                                                     COVID Recovery

                                                                      (Continued from page 1)   how we restore vitality to this city  one of our City’s businesses and
                                                                                                we love.”                    industries.”  Chair  Vallone  and
                                                                   for  Phase  Two.  Chair  Vallone       Patchett, noting that the City  President  Patchett  also  agreed
                                                                   acknowledged  that  large-scale  “must create a ‘new’ normal,” out-  that Congress and the President
                                                                   testing and a plentiful PPE supply  lined a two-fold approach to eco-  must quickly act on an additional
                                                                   are a critical part of sustaining a  nomic development efforts in the  stimulus package and do more to
                                                                   safe reopening.              coming months:  “1) bring good  aid small businesses.
                                                                        By establishing a local pro-  paying jobs to all New Yorkers;       “We need real economic relief.
                                                                   duction chain, EDC reported to-  and 2) ensure they have the skills  We need a stimulus package that
                                                                   date facilitating the production  to get those positions, keep them  supports  states  and  cities,  and
                                                                   of  3.2  million  medical  gowns  and  excel  in  them.”  Advanced  provides the resources needed for
                                                                   through partnership with 14 local  manufacturing, tech, cyber, life  a robust recovery,” Patchett said
          About Park Side Restaurant - An Italian Landmark in the heart   manufacturers. In addition, a new  science, garment manufacturing,  in testimony.
          of Corona, Queens, Park Side Restaurant is truly a destination   supply chain with local biotech  and fashion will be looked at for       With regard to transportation,
          that is worth the trip. After one visit, you will be sure to be back   companies and small manufac-  opportunities  “to  diversify  the  according to Patchett, EDC has
          again  and  again  for  one  the  city’s  Best  Italian  restaurants.   turers are now producing 50,000  city’s economy while providing  seen a “huge surge” in overall
          Bring your appetite and enjoy authentic and always delicious   COVID-19 testing kits per week,  New Yorkers with real opportu-  ridership on the NYC Ferry since
          dishes using the freshest ingredients and attention to detail   per EDC.              nities to attain a greater level of  Phase  1,  and  service  has  been
          served by our professional staff. Park Side is also happy to        “As our City’s streets begin to  economic stability and success,”  ramped up in recent weeks. Ac-
          host your next function with our private dining area and flexible   bustle and our businesses reopen  Patchett added.   knowledging that New Yorkers
          banquet packages.                                        their doors to welcome back the       “The topic of relief efforts amid  are now more than ever seeking
            107-01 Corona  Ave. Corona Heights, NY                 local community, it is important  COVID-19  is  vital,  especially  safe  modes  of  transportation,
                                                                   to  recognize  the  extraordinary  since an economic recovery is on  Chair Vallone pushed Patchett to
                  (718) 271-9274 • (718) 271-9871                  local  efforts  that  helped  make  the minds of New Yorkers,” said  make continued investments in the
                     - Reservations Suggested -                    that happen, while at the same  Public Advocate Jumaane Wil-  NYC Ferry system, particularly
                                                                   time proactively planning ahead  liams in submitted testimony. “It  in transit deserts like Northeast
                                                                   for the long term to ensure safety  is important to continue efforts for  Queens where residents face lim-
                                                                   and prosperity for our mom and  this recovery since this requires a  ited transportation options.
                                                                   pops,  whose  success  will  be  a  lot of innovation and work. EDC       “We know that New Yorkers
                                                                   critical part of a strong economic  can help with decisions that make  love their ferries,” Patchett said.
                                                                   recovery,” said Vallone.     sense and make a difference for  “They’re a really important way of
                                                                        “With the phased reopen un-  businesses.”            linking New Yorkers from all over
                                                                   derway, the hard work is only just       “As we prepare to finalize our  the city who are in transit deserts
                                                                   beginning,” Pattchett said during  City budget, we must prioritize  to other waterfront areas and to
                                                                   testimony.    “There  are  many  and focus our efforts on economic  jobs. In this time, as you said, of
                                                                   pieces  to  consider:  childcare,  development in our City,” Vallone  social distancing, being able to be
                                                                   transit, how and when we return  said. “We know that significant  outside at the top of a ferry vessel
                                                                   to our offices, and later to other  cuts to EDC’s budget, particularly  is a particularly appealing way to
                                                                   public venues. All of this aiming  to the capital budget, would have a  travel and we’ve seen New York-
                                                                   to address the bigger question of  tenfold impact on each and every  ers realize that.”

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              Queens Times                                         Host Free Mask Pick-Up Event For Small Businesses

                                                                      (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                “This is a critical time for small  epicenter of the epicenter of the
              Your Local Newspaper-One Edition for All Of Queens                                businesses, and we must all do  pandemic. It is essential that we
                                                                   working to ensure that small busi-  our part—owners, staff, custom-  help them navigate this reopening
                    Just $28.50 per year... and have the paper     nesses in all five boroughs get the  ers—to ensure a swift and safe  safely, so we can get Queens back
                       delivered to your door by US Mail           support they need so each of our  reopening period for them.   to business.”
                                                                   business owners can continue to       “We thank the NYC Depart-       Participating businesses re-
                   Please Enter my Subscription For One Year       contribute  to  the  diversity  and  ment of Small Business Services  ceived  5  masks  per  employee,
                                                                   vibrancy of our economy.”    for their gracious donation—and  plus a flyer to direct both em-
           Name ..............................................................................       “The Woodhaven BID thanks  we  are  proud  to  partner  with  ployers and workers to further
                                                                   the NYC Department of Small  Woodhaven  BID  to  distribute  resources and guidance on safety
           Address ..........................................................................  Business  Services  and  the  masks  to  help  so  many  local  measures and the reopening ef-
                                                                   Queens  Chamber,  who  made  Queens businesses,” said Thomas  fort, courtesy of SBS.
           City..................................................Zip...........................  this effort possible. We are truly  J. Grech, President and CEO of       For more information on how
                                                                                                                             small  businesses  throughout
             Please make check payable to: Queens Times and mail to:    grateful for this opportunity to  the  Queens  Chamber  of  Com-
                                                                   show our steadfast support for  merce.  “Small  businesses  are  New York City can still receive
                   11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357        the Queens business community,”  the  backbone  of  Queens  and  free masks, visit:  https://www1.
                                                                   said Raquel Olivares, Executive  they have been among the hard-
                                                                   Director  of  Woodhaven  BID.  est hit by COVID-19, here in the  face-coverings
                                                                        Biden Says We Should ‘Protect’ Columbus,

                                                                               Washington and Jefferson Statues

                     Published every week by C.T. Publishing Corp.    (Continued from page 1)   statues in 2017, “There is a dif-  down all those Confederate monu-
           Executive Office: 108-59 49th Avenue, Corona Heights, NY 11368                       ference between remembrance of  ments to Confederate soldiers and
                Operations: 11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357  responsibility to protect from hap-  history and reverence of it.”  generals who strongly supported
                    Phone (718) 592-2196 • FAX (718) 357-3682      pening,” Biden said when asked  Biden  went  on  to  differentiate  succession and the maintenance
                     Web Site:                 about his thoughts on monuments  George  Washington,  who  did  of slavery, and going to war to do
                     email:                 and statues being removed across  own slaves and “may have things  it, I think those statues belong in
                                                                   the country.                 in the past that are now and then  museums,” Biden said. The former
               James C. Lisa .........................Publisher/Editor       The presumptive Democratic  distasteful,” from leaders of the  vice president went on to say that
               Lew Scala .............................. Associate Publisher/Webmaster  presidential nominee told report-  Confederacy who fought to keep  the government is obligated to
               Joseph V. Dorsa ....................Photo Journalist  ers he believes there is a “distinc-  slavery.          protect statues and monuments
               Lou Duro ...............................International Correspondent  tion” to be made with regards to       “The idea of comparing whether  “like  the  Jefferson  Memorial,”
               Merle Exit ..............................Arts/Entertainment Editor  statues and whether or not they  or not George Washington owned  calling them a “remembrance.”
               Nicole Rescigno.......................Office Manager  should be allowed to stay in public  slaves or Thomas Jefferson owned       Biden’s comments come after
               Bob Grant................................Photo Journalist  places.               slaves and somebody who was in  weeks  of  Black  Lives  Matter
                                                                        “I think there is a distinction  rebellion,  committing  treason,  protesters calling for Confeder-
         The Queens Times, USPS # P127 AIC060 is published weekly by CT Publishing Corp.   between...reminders and remem-  and running trying to take down  ate statues and monuments to be
         for an annual subscription charge of $28.50, mail subscription request to Queens Times,   brances of history, and recovering  the  Union  to  keep  slavery  –  I  taken down across the country,
         11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357, Periodicals Postage at Flushing, NY.    from history,” Biden said. He cited  think there is a distinction there,”  as well as those commemorating
         POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Queens Times at 11-20 154th Street,    former New Orleans Mayor Mitch  Biden said.
         Whitestone, NY 11357                                      Landrieu who said of Confederate       “I think the idea of bringing   (Continued on page 11.
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