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PAGE 4                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019

                                                                                                   Holiday Shopping: Sales, Deals,
                      Whirl With Merle                                                             Steals And Lemmings   by Merle Exit

                                                                                                     Lemmings are rodents that have  should taste as well as have the
                                                                                                a reputation of simply following  consistency of  La Cheese Cake
         Harpell Pharmacy Boasts Natural And Organic                                            each other in a group regardless  for instance located in College
                                                                                                of where they are going nor the  Point has a much better cake and
                                                                                                consequences. Holiday shopping  priced so much less. The same
                by Merle Exit                                                                   comes  around  with  “sales  and  with  Cascon  Bakery  in  Whit-
                                                                                                deals” and humans become lem-
                                                                                                                             estone.  I was further surprised
                                                                                                mings. Are the products really  when I was at the Shop Rite in
             It was more than a century ago                                                     on sale when they give you say,  College Point and purchased their
        that the immigrants from Euro-                                                          40% off?                     cheese cake.  I did ask in advance
        pean countries and parts of Rus-                                                             What exactly is it 40% off of?   as to whether it was from any type
        sia were finding their way to live                                                      Consider that there are always two  of mix or made from scratch. No
        in the United States. Many took                                                         prices, one retail and one whole-  mix. How was it?  Taste and con-
        the skills they learned in the “old                                                     sale.  When there is no sale, you  sistency was just about the same
        country” and sought work while                                                          may notice a tag giving you both  as La Cheese Cake and priced
        others had to find a way to learn a                                                     prices. Now consider an article  even less than theirs.
        new trade in order to earn money                                                        that has a retail price of $100.  The       If you wish to get a “food” that
        for just the simple essentials.  If                                                     discount is actually given on that  will ultimately satisfy anyone (as
        you managed to have money to                                                            price. You think you are getting a  long as they like chocolate) there
        invest, it was quite common for                                                         deal but it’s not uncommon that  is Fairytale Brownies. Can’t get
        the  wife  and  husband  to  open                                                       this item had already gone on sale  better brownies that these!! www.
        what was then termed as a “Mom                                                          for $50. However, you are now
        and Pop” store.                                                                         forking over $60 for the “bargain.”       Someone has one so you want
             There were many advantages,                                                             Gift giving. Is it about your  one. Lemmings.  This one does
        the  best  being  that  the  owners                                                     being able to brag able how little  even more than the one I have.
        made  it  a  point  to  know  you                                                       you paid?  Does the receiver really  Lemmings. I promised my kid.
        and  vice  versa,  thus  achieving                                                      need it?  How much room does  Lemmings. How often have you
        personal attention.  Pharmacies,                                                        that person’s abode have to keep  looked  around  your  abode  and
        also termed as “drug stores” spe-                                                       it? Is it something that will sit on  said, “There is too much crap.
        cialized in filling prescriptions                                                       a shelf and collect dust?  Perhaps  Stuff that we don’t use anymore.”
        given by physicians.  Aisles of                                                         you are looking for a “bargain”  Hey, lemming, did you buy it in
        shelves  were  filled  with:  non-                                                      for yourself.  Are you buying it  the first place?
        prescription  (over-the-counter)                                                        because the old one isn’t the “in       Spend time with a person you
        medication,  and  personal  care                                                        things?” Is the one you have bro-  would be giving a gift to instead.
        items. One such enterprise was                                                          ken or are you playing the game  Are you waiting for the person’s
        Harpell Pharmacy first opening                                                          of “more is better?” Is it part of  funeral?  Take someone out to
        in 1906, located at 12-65 150th                                                         an ego battle so you can say that  dinner that has a cuisine that they
        St, in Whitestone                                                                       you got the last one while fighting  enjoy.
                  After  several  years,  the                                                   your fellow lemming?              Rather than give a certificate,
        Harpell family decided to retire                                                             Then there is the “steals,”  take someone to the actual store
        and  sell  the  store  The  original                                                    how companies manage to steal  and tell them the amount to spend.
        store was taken over by the fam-                                                        your money.  Take for instance.  It doesn’t have to be a lot.  The
        ily’s grandson with three other                                                         Junior’s Cheese cake. Wow…they  person can simply choose an item
        successors  since.  “My  brother                                                        must be having an issue since they  that they need or wanting to have
        Joseph  and  I  had  been  work-                                                        are slamming the tv with ads and  “the next time they got a chance.”
        ing there for 15 years when we                                                          declaring themselves to have the       Another for instance idea.  Take
        purchased  the  store  in  2002,”                                                       utmost  cheese  cake.  They  are  the person to Crossbay Seashell
        said owner George Isaakidis. “I  I sampled and loved!      onion; garlic bunch; lemon; lime;   charging  43  dollars  plus  ship-  Fish Market. This one could take
        started as a stock boy before later       You can chose from one of  orange;  grapefruit;  sweet  red   ping for a 3-pounder with an  iffy  care of a couple or family. Tell
        obtaining my Pharmaceutical de-  two  Breakfast  Bowls  such  as  pepper; and avocado.  Then there   worded guarantee.  It is obviously  Vinnie or Pat that you have…to
        gree. Within the last seven years  Harpells’s  Classic  with  a  base  was a pint of cherry tomatoes and   designed for those wanting to give  spend and they’ll give you great
        we expanded to have the other  of  banana,  oats, cinnamon,  al-  a bunch of kale.  With the cold   a piece of nostalgia to send. Do  ideas.
        two locations keeping that same  mond milk, topped with granola,  weather, a hearty vegetable soup   you actually think that the recipi-       Then there is that advertisement
        “Mom and Pop” atmosphere.    blueberry, goji berry and honey.  was  in  order….adding  either   ent will complain or say, “It’s not  that says, “The more you buy the
             Not only did they purchase the  Sounds good to me.    chicken or beef bone stock for   worth the price. Get a refund?”   more you save.”  Guess what, lem-
        store, but decided to expand to       Being that it is a juice bar,  further protein.         I’m sure that you have your  ming?  You’ll save so much more
        having two more “flagship” lo-  there are several options with a            Homeopathic  medications   idea of what a cream cheese cake  if you don’t buy anything.
        cations in Queens:  “My brother  menu listing 12. Super Green has  such  as  Arnica  Montana,  are
        and I realized, not too long ago  cucumber, kale, celery, spinach,  available. Arnica is specifically   ‘Tis the Season For Shopping:
        that  there  is  more  to  wellness  parsley, apple, lemon and wheat-  used  for  bruises,  particularly
        than just medications including  grass.  Liver Cleanse: beets, cel-  when it first happens. Now only   NYS Division of Consumer Protection Reminds
        supplements, herbs and food. We  ery, carrot ginger, and cucumber.  available in gel form, it cannot   New Yorkers to Make Informed Decisions During
        do  not,  however,  sell  products  Laser Vision: carrots, apple, and  be and opened skin bruise.  “We
        such as toothpaste, deodorant or  ginger.  Beauty Juice: cucumber,  want  to  be  diverse  in  selling   the Holiday Shopping Season
        nail polish>” Each of the phar-  lemon, parsley, pineapple, apple.  both types of medication,” said
        macies is equipped with a food            I  prefer  a  Smoothie  all  of  George.  “CBD  oil  is  also  sold   (Continued from page 2)  They are a red flag that the site
        market, and after a renovation in  which are gluten free and give  here.”                                            may not be legitimate;
        the original store, all three will  you a choice of almond milk or       Why would a pharmacy state  Consumers  should  also  ensure  •    Before clicking on a link, hover
        have a Juice Bar.            whole  milk.    Super  Berry  has  that their goal is to “execute the  their home WiFi network has a  the mouse pointer over the link
             Consider engaging both your  acai, blueberry, raspberry, straw-  tastiest and most creative reci-  strong password.  to show its actual destination. If
        taste  buds  and  healthy  intake  berry and banana.  Wow did that  pes, in the healthiest and most       Beware of Fake Websites: As  the link shown doesn’t match the
        with  their  classic  Acai  Bowl.  taste great!            natural way possible” focusing  fraudsters continue to advance  intended destination, it could be
        Acai is a berry that’s been con-       On that particular day, salad  on  “MOMGMO,  Organic,  and  in sophistication, fake websites  a sign the site is not legitimate;
        sidered  to  be  a  “superfood.”   choice was a chicken salad and  All-Natural ingredients”?  Since  frequently  resemble  legitimate  •    If there is still uncertainty of
        They are imported and not inex-  the wrap was tuna salad.  Both  it is all about wellness what bet-  sites with credible-looking logos,  a website’s validity, try going to
        pensive. You would be better off  were quite flavorful.  If you are  ter way to prove it than by taking  pictures, and payment options.  the site directly by typing their
        combining the berries with other  truly going vegan, they do have  first place in an annual Chicken  If the website is advertising ex-  web address into the address bar.
        fruit as part of a meal.  To get  vegan mayo.              Soup Cook-off. This makes the  tremely low prices, or discounts       Delivery Scams: As more and
        an idea, Harpell’s Classic Acai            The  market  sells  organic  myth  true  about  chicken  soup  beyond  50  percent,  consumers  more  consumers  shop  online,
        Bowl uses the berries as a base  products,  gluten-free  products,  being  “Jewish  penicillin.”  No  should  be  wary  and  diligently  phishing emails are getting more
        and combines it with blueberries,  fresh, packaged or frozen. Loose  need for a prescription.    verify the legitimacy of the seller.  sophisticated to catch people off-
        banana, and almond milk (unless  produce was an option for me as       Here are the three locations:  Consumers should:  guard.  Rather than click on an
        you  request  whole  milk)  then  I was not sure as to what I ex-  25-77 Francis Lewis Blvd, Flush-  •    Verify the authenticity of the  email to see the delivery update,
        tops  with  sliced  banana,  blue  actly wanted.  I bought a single:  ing, 12-65 150th St, Whitestone,  seller and website via an online  go directly to the delivery com-
        berries, chia seeds, and shred-  large carrot; cucumber; banana;  and 23-25 31st St, Astoria. www.  search engine review before shop-  pany’s website and type in the
        ded coconut. This is the one that  apple; white potato; yam; yellow      ping at an unknown site. Consum-  tracking number received with the
                                                                                                ers  should  not  rely  on  a  small  original confirmation.  It takes an
                Check out:                                  padlock symbol in the browser’s  extra step but will prevent thieves
                                                                                                address bar to verify that the seller  from redirecting packages to al-
                    my blog on                                    is genuine;
                                                                                                •    Beware of typos on a website.   (Continued on page 9)
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