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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2019                                THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 5

              Queens Times Weekly ...                                 Did You                                     SUDOKU
            HOROSCOPE                                                  Know?

           For the Week of ... 12/05/19 - 12/11/19                 ●    the first letters of the months
                                                                   July through to November spell
                For Entertainment Purposes Only                    ●    a cat has 32 muscles in each ear
        ARIES                         LIBRA                        ●    Perth is Australia’s windiest
        (Mar. 21- April 20)           (Sept. 24 -Oct. 23)          ●    Elvis’s middle name was Aron
        Be supportive in order to avoid   It’s time to reevaluate your own   ●    goldfish can see both infrared
        confrontations. There might be   motives  and  make  changes  to   and ultraviolet light
        a  problem  with  a  will  or  with   yourself first. Make plans to do   ●    the smallest bones in the hu-
        an insurance policy. Your lucky  something special with the one   man body are found in your ear
        numbers are: 6,3,1            you  love.  Your  lucky  numbers   ●    cats spend 66% of their life
                                      are: 9,4,3                   asleep
        TAURUS                                                     ●    Switzerland eats the most
        (Apr. 21- may 21)             SCORPIO                      chocolate equating to 10 kilos per
        Try to be patient with their inabil-  (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)  person per year
        ity to accept your new beliefs. You   Be sure to keep communication   ●    money is the number one thing
        should be looking into making  open with those you live with.   that couples argue about
        changes around the house. Your  Children or friends may try to   ●    macadamia nuts are toxic to
        lucky numbers are: 9,5,3      talk you into lending them money.   dogs
                                      Your lucky numbers are: 7,1,8  ●    when lightning strikes it can
        GEMINI                                                     reach up to 30,000 degrees celsius
        (May 22-June 21)              SAGITTARIUS                  (54,000 degrees fahrenheit)
        Listen, but don’t make any rash   (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21)       ●    spiders are arachnids and not
        decisions. You need some help this   Think  of  joining  a  health  club   insects        CROSSWORD PUZZLE
        week. Too many opportunities and  that  will  benefit  your  physical   ●    each time you see a full moon
        too many changes going on. Your   appearance. Travel will promote   you always see the same side
        lucky numbers are: 1,4,7      romantic connections. Your lucky   ●    stewardesses is the longest
                                      numbers are: 4,9,7           word that is typed with only the
        CANCER                                                     left hand
        (June 22-July 22)             CAPRICORN                    ●    honey is the only natural food
        You  will  be  uncertain  of  your   (Dec 22. - Jan. 20)   which never spoils
        feelings. You should get involved  Get  involved  in  activities  that   ●    M&M’s chocolate stands for
        with activities that can be enjoyed   will be fun for the whole family.   the initials for its inventors Mars
        by both young and old alike. Your   Don’t let other people meddle in   and Murrie
        lucky numbers are: 3,6,8      your private affairs. Your lucky   ●    that you burn more calories
                                      numbers are: 9,4,2           eating  celery  than  it  contains
        LEO                                                        (the more you eat the thinner you
        (July 23-Aug 22)              AQUARIUS                     become)
        You may have some difficulties  (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19)         ●    Koalas sleep around 18 hours
        with someone you live with. Don’t   Your lover will be annoyed with   a day
        let someone you work with put   your participation. Try to visit
        words in your mouth. Your lucky   a country that excites you. You
        numbers are: 4,2,9            will have a little more energy than
                                      usual. lucky numbers are: 3,1,9  Answer to Last
        VIRGO                                                          Weeks Puzzles
        (Aug. 23 -Sept. 23)           PISCES
        Don’t take sides if you wish to   (Feb. 20-Mar. 20)             “Try & Find”
        remain on good terms with both   You can get ahead if you work dili-
        parties. Your partner may be re-  gently behind the scenes. Don’t let
        luctant to tell you how they feel.   situations get out of control. Your
        Your lucky numbers are: 9,3,5  lucky numbers are: 6,8,1                                 ACROSS                       DOWN
          TRY AND FIND                                                                          1. Clan                      1. Not this
                                                                                                6. Qualified
                                                                                                                             2. Was a passenger
                                                                                                10. An enclosure
                                                                                                14. Vagabonds                3. Nile bird
                                                                                                                             4. Car trunk (British)
                             DANCING                                                            15. Dour                     5. An analytic literary composition
                                                                                                16. Cain’s brother
                                                                                                                             6. Accord
                                                                                                17. “Bye”                    7. Flower
                                                                                                18. Part in a play           8. Humdinger
                                                                                                19. Cleave                   9. Vomiting
                                                                                                20. Possessing a hard shell  10. Map
                                                                    “Crossword Puzzle”          22. Container weight         11. Abreast
                                                                                                23. The original matter      12. Style
                                                                                                24. Chemical cousin          13. Church officer
                                                                                                26. Stun                     21. Transparent
                                                                                                30. An uncle                 25. Not hard
                                                                                                31. Soak                     26. Bezel
                                                                                                32. So be it                 27. Dogfish
                                                                                                33. Relating to aircraft     28. Gusto
                                                                                                35. Freshman                 29. Bewitching
                                                                                                39. Distinguish              34. Plant and meat eaters
                                                                                                41. Changeable               36. Comply with
                                                                                                43. Promises                 37. Smack
                                                                                                44. Care for                 38. Not there
                                                                                                46. Juicy gritty-textured fruit  40. Existence
                                                                                                47. Donkey                   42. Mammary gland of bovids
                                                                          “Sudoku”              49. Cover                    45. Hard to pin down
                                                                                                50. Hoopla
                                                                                                                             48. Position
                                                                                                51. Small piano              51. Thick slices of something
                                                                                                54. Eye layer                52. Prison-related
                                                                                                56. Gave temporarily         53. Foreword
                                                                                                57. Variety                  55. Fragrant oil
           Bolero      Charleston      Crush        Fandango                                    63. Against                  58. Saturate
           Boogie      Choreograph     Hop          Flamenco                                    64. French for “Black”       59. Anagram of “Mail”
           Bop         Class           Date         Fling                                       65. Stories                  60. Dash
           Bossa       Clog            Dip          Flipping                                    66. Farm building            61. Between the head and shoulders
           Bow         Conga           Disco        Float                                       67. Grotto                   62. Sounds of disapproval
           Break       Contest         Dust         Floor                                       68. Exclamation of regret
           Bump        Cool            Dynamic      Flow                                        69. Plod along
           Bunnyhop    Cotillion       Easy         Fly                                         70. Anagram of “Seek”        Play Crossword/Sudoku online..
           Cancan      Country         Expression   Form                                        71. Skating areas              Visit
           Chacha      Crowds          Fandance     Polka                                                                    Click on PUZZLES... and Enjoy
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