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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2017                               THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 5

                                                                       Marion’s Art
              Queens Times Weekly ...                                 History Class                               SUDOKU
           HOROSCOPE                                               Friday, December 1 @ 9:45AM

                                                                   in this teleconferenced program
              For the Week of ... 11/23/17 - 11/29/17              Marion Mango discusses great art
                                                                   open to older adults and the home-
                For Entertainment Purposes Only                    bound.  First-time  participants
                                                                   please  contact  Mail-a-Book  at
        ARIES                        LIBRA                         718-464-0084 for access numbers.
        (Mar 21 - April 20)          (Sept 24 - Oct 23)            QUEENS VILLAGE, 94-11 217
        Take time to talk things over. You  Take a close look at any contracts  Street, 718-776-6800
        will benefit by taking care of other  you may be signing this week. Be  bus: Q1, Q27, Q36, Q88 / train:
        people’s concerns. You will have  aware that someone you work with  LIRR to Queens Village
        extra energy; put it to good use.  is jealous of you and may be try-
        Your lucky numbers are 8,4,2.  ing to hold you back. Your lucky  Images of Glendale
                                     numbers are 2,4,9.                 Paintings by
        (Apr 21 - May 21)            SCORPIO                            Tom Huber
        You may want to remain silent this  (Oct 24 - Nov 22)
        week. Your personal life will still  You’ll  have  some  remarkable   Friday, December 1 @10:00AM
        be experiencing difficulties and  ideas, but people may try to block       An exhibition featuring the
        you are best to avoid the issues  your attempts at implementing   paintings of Glendale resident,
        for the time being. Your lucky  them. Don’t trust coworkers with   painter  and  author  Tom  Huber
        numbers are 1,7,5.           important information. Your lucky   that depict renderings of places in
                                     numbers are 3,7,9.            Glendale and nearby
        GEMINI                                                     Forest Park. GLENDALE, 78-60
        (May 22 - June 21)           SAGITTARIUS                   73 Place, 718-821-4980
        Don’t go out of your way for peo-  (Nov 23 - Dec 21)       bus: Q55                       CROSSWORD PUZZLE
        ple you don’t know well enough.  Don’t make accusations unless
        Lighten up your work load. Watch  you are completely sure that the   Did You
        out  for  fraudulent  investment  information is correct. You will
        schemes  Your  lucky  numbers  make some right decisions in your   Know?
        are 1,8,9.                   investment choices. Your lucky
                                     numbers are 5,4,9.
        CANCER                                                          It’s impossible to sneeze
        (June 22 - July 22)          CAPRICORN                     with your eyes open? Next
        Don’t be too anxious to invest  (Dec 22 - Jan 20)          time you feel a sneeze com-
        your money on poor advice, check  You won’t impress anyone by be-  ing try it!
        with others. Be courteous if you  ing overly generous. Your involve-       An ostrich’s eye is bigger
        wish to avoid major delays. Your  ment in sports or entertainment   than its brain
        lucky numbers are 5,4,3.     will lead to new romances. Your
                                     lucky numbers are 3,7,9.           ‘Topolino’ is the name for
        LEO                                                        Mickey Mouse Italy
        (July 23 - Aug 22)           AQUARIUS                           The most commonly used
        Look into educational activities  (Jan 21 - Feb 19)        letter in the alphabet is E
        involving  children.  Keep  your  You can get ahead if you pres-
        feelings to yourself if you want  ent your thoughts and ideas to
        to avoid embarrassment. You may  your boss. Health problems may   Answer to Last
        feel a little lucky this week. Your  prevail if you don’t take care of   Weeks Puzzles
        lucky numbers are 7,5,3.     them.. Your lucky numbers are
                                     6,9,8.                             “Try & Find”
        (Aug 23 - Sept 23)           PISCES
        Watch your financial situation  (Feb 20 - Mar 20)
        closely it may be draining you  Be precise in your communica-
        and it may be time to make some  tions to avoid any misunderstand-                      CROSS
        serious changes. Business travel  ings. You can make progress if you                    1. Corridors                  DOWN
        will be lucrative for you. Your  deal with the right people. Your                       6. Lots                       1. Laugh
        lucky numbers are 9.1,7.     lucky numbers are 4,9,3.                                   10. Where the sun rises       2. Absent Without Leave
                                                                                                14. Expect
                                                                                                                              3. Frolic
          TRY AND FIND                                                                          15. Murres                    4. Former Italian currency
                                                                                                16. Back of the neck          5. Attendance counter
                                                                                                                              6. Chap
                                                                                                17. Appalling
                         SLOW DOWN!                                                             19. Tall woody plant          7. Beginning
                                                                                                20. Acid neutralizer
                                                                                                                              8. An opera glass
                                                                    “Crossword Puzzle”          21. A state of SW India       9. Epic
                                                                                                                              10. Zeal
                                                                                                22. Low, flat land
                                                                                                23. Set of principles         11. Moses’ brother
                                                                                                25. Parental sisters          12. Hardy wheat
                                                                                                26. Throat-clearing sound     13. Abounds
                                                                                                30. If not                    18. Hale
                                                                                                32. Ten Commandments          24. Embrace
                                                                                                35. Spiny anteater            25. Fire residues
                                                                                                39. Remove the claws          26. Contributes
                                                                                                40. Listener                  27. Part of a foot
                                                                                                41. Roomette                  28. Behold, in old Rome
                                                                                                43. Have                      29. Criminal
                                                                                                44. Felt hat                  31. Reflected sound
                                                                                                46. Distribute                33. Continuation of the coat collar
                                                                                                47. Award                     34. Was indebted
                                                                                                50. Confederate States        36. To endure (archaic)
                                                                                                53. Relating to urine         37. Where a bird lives
                                                                          “Sudoku”              54. Nourished                 38. Backside
                                                                                                55. Tough going
                                                                                                                              42. Rats
                                                                                                60. Lampblack                 43. Latin for “Peace”
                                                                                                61. Incontrovertibly          45. Past participle of “Ride”
                                                                                                63. Cocoyam                   47. Contemplates
                                                                                                64. Flower stalk              48. Wear away
                                                                                                65. Sing softly               49. Thermionic tube
                                                                                                66. Clairvoyant               51. Charged particle
                                                                                                67. Feudal worker             52. Genus of heath
          Barge        Manatee     Slowpoke     Taichi                                          68. Building addition         54. Circuit breaker
          Brakes       Molasses    Slug         Turtle                                                                        56. “Phooey!”
          Download     Parachute   Snail        Wedding March                                                                 57. Black, in poetry
          Glacier      Parade      Snowplow     Yellow Light                                     Play these Puzzles online. Visit   58. ___ vera
          Inchworm     Sloth       Sundial      Zamboni                                          59. Wildcat
                                                                                                                              62. An uncle
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