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THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2022                                THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 5

              Queens Times Weekly ...                                 Did You                                     SUDOKU
            HOROSCOPE                                                  Know?

            For the Week of ... 1/20/22 - 1/26/22                  ●    You shed a complete layer of
                                                                   skin every 4 weeks
                For Entertainment Purposes Only                    ●    That after petrol, coffee is the
                                                                   largest item bought and sold
        ARIES                         LIBRA                        ●    The first metered taxi was
        (Mar. 21 - April 20)          (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)         introduced in 1907
        Complete all your work before  Make changes to your home that  ●    The Chinese used fingerprints
        you leave. It might be best not  will be pleasing to everyone  as a method of identification as far
        to spend your money on luxuries  involved. Be careful not to ex-  back as AD 700
        this week. You will be uncertain  aggerate when interacting with  ●    A Sphygmomanometer mea-
        of your feelings. Your lucky  your business associates. Your  sures blood pressure
        numbers are 1,9,3.            lucky numbers are 2,9,6.     ●    The revolving door was in-
                                                                   vented in 1888
        TAURUS                        SCORPIO                      ●    Minus 40C is exactly the same
        (Apr. 21 - May 21)            (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)          temperature as minus 40F
        Try to communicate with fellow  Older family members may try to  ●    Cars were first started with
        workers. You may have argu-   make demands that are impossi-  ignition keys in 1949
        ments with someone you love.  ble for you to handle. Emotional  ●    To crack a whip the tip must
        Get involved in worthwhile en-  upset at work will set you back.  be travelling faster than the speed
        deavors and meet new friends.  Your lucky numbers are 7,3,2.  of sound
        Your lucky numbers are 9,2,5.                              ●    There is enough petrol in a
                                      SAGITTARIUS                  full tank of a Jumbo Jet to drive
        GEMINI                        (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)          the average car 4 times around
        (May 22 - June 21)            Don’t let emotional upset force  the world                  CROSSWORD PUZZLE
        Do your chores and listen to oth-  you into the poorhouse. Your self  ●    Sir Isaac Newton was 23 when
        ers. You can expand your circle  confidence will attract members  he discovered the law of gravity
        of friends if you get out and  of the opposite sex. Your lucky  ●    The lie detector was invented
        socialize. Career changes don’t  numbers are 2,9,7.        in 1921
        look promising now. Your lucky                             ●        The world’s knowledge is
        numbers are 3,9,6.            CAPRICORN                    growing so fast that 90% of what
                                      (Dec 22 - Jan. 20)           we will know in 50 years time will
        CANCER                        You can make financial gains  be discovered in those 50 years
        (June 22 - July 22)           through your unique and cre-  ●    The drinking straw was in-
        Your tendency to dramatize  ative approach to business.   vented in 1886
        may be a little much for your  Socializing will bring you in  ●        Red  light  has  the  highest
        partner to take constantly. Make  contact with  intelligent new  wavelength
        arrangements to spend quality  friends. Your lucky numbers  ●    Paper money was first used
        time together. lucky numbers  are 7,3,9.                   in China
        are 8,3,9.                                                 ●    According to the old English
                                      AQUARIUS                     time system a moment is 1 and a
        LEO                           (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)          half minutes
        (July 23 – Aug. 22)           You may have difficulties with
        Do things for your boss but don’t  someone who lives with you.   Answer to Last
        allow them to make unreason-  Attend to things that you should   Weeks Puzzles
        able requests. Don’t let cowork-  have done yesterday. Your lucky
        ers get wind of your ideas or they  numbers are 5,3,8.
        might try to take the credit. Your                                “Sudoku”
        lucky numbers are 5,3,9.      PISCES
                                      (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)
        VIRGO                         You may find yourself mixed
        (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)          up in a triangle of sorts. Talk to
        Someone may be taking advan-  others about your plans. Your
        tage of your best interests. Plan to  investments  will  be down  this
        spend time with relatives. Check  week, don’t panic. Be patient                         ACROSS                       DOWN
        into your financial investments.  with older relatives. Your lucky                      1. Flexible mineral          1. Protective ditch
        Your lucky numbers are 4,9,8.  numbers are 1,9,5.                                       5. Figures                   2. Lazily
                                                                                                                             3. Countryman
                                                                                                9. To vex
          TRY AND FIND                                                                          13. Smell                    4. Insecticide
                                                                                                14. Choose by voting
                                                                                                                             5. Cotillion girl
                                                                                                16. Comply with
                                                                                                17. Charity                  6. Wings
                                                                                                                             7. After ninth
                        LAP OF LUXURY                               “Crossword Puzzle”          18. African language         8. Works
                                                                                                                             9. Alien
                                                                                                19. Harvest
                                                                                                20. Varieties                10. Foment
                                                                                                22. Protocol                 11. Chair
                                                                                                24. Rectum                   12. Hoopla
                                                                                                26. Nymph                    15. A Canadian winter hat
                                                                                                27. Piece                    21. Very
                                                                                                30. Horse sounds             23. Murres
                                                                                                33. Staggering               25. Narrow opening
                                                                                                35. Anoint (archaic)         27. “Oh my!”
                                                                                                37. French for “Friend”      28. Backsides
                                                                                                38. Russian emperors         29. N N N N
                                                                                                41. Cover                    31. Green chalcedony
                                                                                                42. Make a parody of         32. Hoisting device
                                                                                                45. Reckoning                34. Muzzle
                                                                                                48. Exert vigorously         36. Jittery
                                                                     “Try And Find”             51. Environmental science    39. Regret
                                                                                                                             40. Religious offshoot
                                                                                                52. Type of wheat
                                                                                                54. Blockhead                43. Commanded
                                                                                                55. Sang for somebody        44. Roman deity
                                                                                                59. Play a guitar            46. Scatters seeds
                                                                                                62. Not under                47. Slide
                                                                                                63. Crown                    49. Angry
          Affluent     Currency       Loot         Nabob                                        65. A flexible pipe          50. Naturist
          Assets       Dough          Luxury       Opulence                                     66. Adjutant                 53. Substantial
          Bonds        Estate         Mazuma       Plenty                                       67. Prevent legally          55. A cleansing agent
          Bread        Finances       Means        Purse                                        68. Type of sword            56. Wicked
          Bundle       Fortune        Millions     Silver                                       69. Trudge                   57. Start over
          Cabbage      Gold           Mint         Stocks                                       70. Sort                     58. Let go
          Capital      Holdings       Moneybags    Treasure                                     71. A musical pause          60. Functions
          Cash         Income         Moola        Wealth                                       61. Encounter
                                                                                                                             64. Mandrill
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