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THURSDAY, JULY 2, 2020                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 5

              Queens Times Weekly ...                                                                             SUDOKU

              For the Week of ... 7/2/20 - 7/8/20

                For Entertainment Purposes Only                      4th of July

        ARIES                         LIBRA                                Facts
        Mar. 21 - April 20)           (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23)
        Turn  your  present  relationship  Leave things as they are! Older        The 56 signers of the Declara-
        around or start a new one. Either  relatives  may  be  a  burden.  Do   tion did not sign on July 4, 1776,
        way, you’re up for a passionate   what you can to help them but   nor were they in the same room
        encounter with some one special.   don’t neglect your own family.   at the same time on the original
        Your lucky numbers are 2,4,9  Your lucky numbers are 1,4,9.  Independence Day. The official
                                                                   signing event took place on Au-
        TAURUS                        SCORPIO
        (Apr. 21 - May 21)            (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22)          gust 2, 1776 when 50 men signed
        Recognition will be yours if you   Clear  up  domestic  chores  that   the  document.  Several  months
        meet your deadline. Your mate,   have remained undone for some   passed before all 56 signatures
        however, may not be too pleased   time. You will find that friends   were in place. The last man to
        with  you.  Your  lucky  numbers  or relatives may not understand  sign, Thomas McKean, did so in
        are 1,6,4                     your needs. lucky numbers are  January of 1777, seven months af-
                                      4,9,1.                       ter the document was approved by
        GEMINI                                                     Congress. Robert R. Livingston,
        (May 22 - June 21)            SAGITTARIUS                  one of the five original drafters,
        If you’re uncertain of your feel-  (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21)     never signed it at all since he be-
        ings, keep your opinions to your-  You could experience delays in  lieved it was too soon to declare   CROSSWORD PUZZLE
        self. Taking on too much won’t  shipments  or  mail,  and  should  independence.
        help  the  situation.  Your  lucky   be careful while traveling. You        John Hancock, the President
        number is 5,7,8               may need to lend an ear to an   of the Continental Congress at the
                                      old friend. Your lucky numbers   time, was the first and only person
        CANCER                        are 8,4,7.                   to sign the Declaration on July 4,
        (June 22 - July 22)                                        1776 (he signed it in the presence
         Your added discipline will en-  CAPRICORN                 of just one man, Charles Thomson,
        able  you  to  complete  some  of  (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20)     the secretary of Congress). Ac-
        those  unfinished  projects.  Try   Don’t discuss your personal life   cording to legend, the founding
        not  to  get  into  disputes.  Your   with others. Put all your energy
        lucky numbers are 9,4,6       into  moneymaking  ventures.   father  signed  his  name  bigger
                                      Your lucky numbers are 6,7,3.  than everyone else’s because he
        LEO                                                        wanted to make sure “fat old King
        (July 23 - Aug. 22)           AQUARIUS                     George” could read it without his
        Set aside any decisions regard-  (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19)       spectacles. But the truth is that
        ing your personal till next week.   You can find solutions if you are  Hancock had a large blank space
        Ask family members for help and  willing to communicate. Don’t  and didn’t realize the other men
        you will be able to handle any  be  taken  advantage  of  by  fast  would write their names smaller.
        problems. Your lucky numbers   talking  salesperson  trying  to  Today, the term “John Hancock”
        are 4,3,8.                    part you from your cash. Your  has become synonymous with a
                                      lucky numbers are 3,2,7.     person’s signature.
        (Aug. 23 - Sept. 23)          PISCES                          Answer to Last
        Get  involved  in  self  improve-  (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20)         Weeks Puzzles
        ment programs. You can have an  Make an effort to finalizing per-
        enjoyable time if you socialize  sonal papers. You could be blind
        with friends. Your lucky num-  to the defects of those you love.   “Try & Find”
        bers are 5,4,9.               Your lucky numbers are 3,7,8.

                                                                                                ACROSS                       DOWN
                                                                                                1. Splines                   1. Splashed
                                                                                                6. Rehabilitation            2. Flaxseed
                                                                                                11. Light purple             3. Altitude (abbrev.)
          TRY AND FIND                                                                          12. Eternal                  4. Tropical tuber
                                                                                                15. Against
                                                                                                                             5. It forms on a wound
                                                                                                16. Evolve
                                                                                                17. Donkey                   6. Pillaging
                                                                                                                             7. Excrete
                 GARAGE SALE TREASURES                                                          18. Pillar                   8. “Darn it!”
                                                                                                20. Uncooked
                                                                                                                             9. Anagram of “Ail”
                                                                                                21. Cook                     10. Raccoon-like carnivore
                                                                    “Crossword Puzzle”          23. Canvas dwelling          13. Condition
                                                                                                24. Does something           14. Stitches   15. Stockpile
                                                                                                25. Part of a foot           16. They keep dozing off
                                                                                                26. You (archaic)            19. Aromatic solvent
                                                                                                27. Brother of Jacob         22. Blossoms
                                                                                                28. Cocoyam                  24. It holds cigarette debris
                                                                                                29. Yes (slang)              26. Apprentice
                                                                                                30. Thai currency units      27. Hearing organ
                                                                                                31. A nervous wreck          30. Shower alternative
                                                                                                34. Shorthand                32. In song, the loneliest number
                                                                                                36. Cap                      33. Nutcase
                                                                                                37. Flat float               34. Big step
                                                                                                41. Container weight         35. Making lace   38. Flyer
                                                                                                42. Engineering school       39. Fatuity
                                                                                                43. Affirm                   40. Thick woolen fabric
                                                                                                44. “____ and crafts”        42. Very small
                                                                          “Sudoku”              45. Nib                      44. Incite
                                                                                                46. Cry of pain              45. Kiosk
                                                                                                47. Smidgen                  48. Ancient units of liquid measure
                                                                                                48. Square dance             49. Exclamation of relief
                                                                                                51. Gibbon                   50. Infamous Roman emperor
                                                                                                52. Versions                 53. Letter after sigma
                                                                                                54. Inflamed                 55. Arrive (abbrev.)
                                                                                                56. Renters
                                                                                                57. Mistake
          Baseball     Clothes        Games         Heater                                      58. Effusive
          Bed          Computer       Grill         Iron                                        59. Fret
          Bicycle      Curlers        Guitar        Ladder
          Blanket      Dishes         Haggle        Lamp
          Blender      Drill          Hammer        Organ                                       Play Sudoku online.. Visit Click on PUZZLES...
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