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PAGE 6                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                              THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2017

                  Vallone & Vallo Transportation                                                       Elizabeth Lohle of Douglaston

                Team up for Bullying Prevention                                                  Announced as National Law Enforcement
                                                                                                  and Firefighters Children’s Foundation
             Vallo Transportation promoted                                                                    Scholarship Recipient
        their fifth annual anti-bullying
        awareness campaign entitled No
        Bullying Zone.  To celebrate this                                                                                    NLEAFCF President and Founder
                                                                                                                             Al Kahn. “By helping to fund their
        milestone anniversary, the com-
        pany increased outreach efforts                                                                                      children’s education, we hope to
                                                                                                                             honor law enforcement officers
        in the community and hosted a
        special bullying prevention pre-                                                                                     and firefighters and their fami-
                                                                                                                             lies, acknowledging the bravery
        sentation at JHS 194 in Whites-
        tone.  The presentation featured                                                                                     of their service while supporting
                                                                                                                             students  to  reach  their  fullest
        national  anti-bullying  speaker
        Tom Thelan.                                                                                                          potential.”
                                                                                                                                  “Elizabeth has demonstrated
             Tom Thelen is a youth mo-
        tivational  speaker,  author  and                                                                                    leadership among her peers and
                                                                                                                             exceptional scholastic achieve-
        founder of the Victimproof Bul-
        lying Prevention Program, a cur-                                                                                     ments as well as contributing his
                                                                                                                             time and energy to community
        riculum that helps kids speak up
        to bullying and become a positive                                                                                    service. We are proud to be a part
                                                                                                                             of helping her achieve her aca-
        influence at their school. “A new
        study by the U.S. Department of   Pictured with JHS 194 students are (l to r):  Elizabeth Yarmy, 6th                 demic goals.”
                                                                                                                                  Elizabeth is a freshman at Bos-
        Education shows that 30% of sixth   Grade Dean; Motivational Speaker Tom Thelan; Council Member Paul
        graders experience bullying on a   A. Vallone; and Linda DeSabato, President, Vallo Transportation.                  ton College, interested in studying
                                                                                                                             sciences. A dedicated student, she
        regular basis,” said Tom Thelen   Photo  by  Joe  Connor  Photography.  See  story  on  page  2.
        “And by the time they reach 12th                                                             The National Law Enforce-  has already had an experiment
                                                                                                ment & Firefighters Children’s  published by Vernier Software.
        grade, that number is reduced to  initiative on this issue and I was  sources available through www.
        15%, which is still way too high,”  happy  to  present  them  with  a, a comprehen-  Foundation  (NLEAFCF)  has  During high school, she was a
                                                                                                announced  Elizabeth  Lohle  of  member of the National Honor
        he said. “If we’re ever going to  proclamation  in  recognition  of  sive website with student, parent
        reduce bullying, we have to give  their work. I look forward to con-  and educator portals that include   Douglaston, Queens as a recipi-  Society, as well as various clubs.
                                                                                                ent of the NLEAFCF Scholarship.  Since  starting  college,  she  has
        kids practical skills for how to  tinuing our partnership for years  targeted facts, information and
        handle it and how to get help.”  to come.”                 resources regarding bullying and   She received the scholarship in  co-founded the Foundling Club,
                                                                                                recognition  of  her  exceptional  where she also works as a school
             During the event, Council  Nearly 1,000 students from JHS  cyberbullying.
        Member Paul Vallone presented  194 participated in this special       “As we commemorate five years   leadership,  community  service  receptionist. She is also a member
                                                                                                and scholastic achievement.
                                                                                                                             of the Track Team.
        Vallo Transportation with a Proc-  presentation.  Bullying preven-  of implementing this anti-bullying
        lamation  acknowledging  the  tion is a topic the school promotes  campaign, I’m proud to announce        Elizabeth was one of 32 stu-       According to teachers and
                                                                                                dents from across the country to  friends, Elizabeth is intelligent,
        company for successfully creating  regularly. This event helped rein-  that to date we’ve delivered this
        awareness of bullying prevention  force their message of promoting  important message to over 10,000   receive the award, which is based  selfless, and hardworking. “I am
                                                                                                on  a  combination  of  academic  honored to receive this award and
        and highlighting the beneficial  a non-bullying environment.      students and members of the com-
        resources  found  at  www.Stop-       Vallo Transportation’s outreach  munity,”  said  Linda  DeSabato,   merit  and  financial  need.  The  appreciate the added support for
                                                                                                recipients are all children of a law  my education. I hope to take what  throughout  the  effort  more  than  doubled  this  President, Vallo Transportation.
        community.  “Bullying in schools  year  by  distributing  thousands  “It’s a huge accomplishment and   enforcement officer or firefighter  I have learned and pay it forward
                                                                                                who was killed or permanently  once I graduate, and this scholar-
        has been and continues to be a  of anti-bullying materials in the  we’re so grateful for the support
        serious issue that has damaged,  community  –  the  focal  point  we’ve  received  over  the  years.    disabled in the line of duty.    ship has helped contribute to my
                                                                                                     “First responders risk their  goals.” Elizabeth said.
        often irrevocably, the lives of so  being connecting with students.   Our plan is to continue raising
        many children and their families.  Special bookmarks and silicone  awareness of bullying prevention   lives each and every day to keep       Elizabeth’s father was disabled
                                                                                                us safe, sacrificing themselves on  in the line of duty with the FDNY
        Awareness  and  education  are  wristbands are given to students,  among students, and we will con-
        critical tools in addressing the  both of which are encouraged to  tinue to partner with the education   behalf of their communities,” said  in 2010.
        issue,”  said  Council  Member  be used and worn during the en-  community, elected officials, law
        Paul Vallone. “I’m proud to join  tire school year.  The bookmarks  enforcement and other groups on
        Vallo Transportation and moti-  include a pledge that asks students  outreach initiatives.”
        vational speaker Tom Thelan for  to:   respect each other, refrain      More information about Vallo
        this educational event to combat  from bullying behavior and speak  Transportation’s  anti-bullying
        bullying and foster an atmosphere  up to help a classmate if he or she  initiative can be found on their
        of respect among students. Vallo  is being bullied. The campaign  website at www.ValloTransporta-
        has been a leader and taken great  is designed to highlight the re-
             Two Landmark Street-Safety Bills Sponsored by
                        Van Bramer Pass the City Council
             Two pieces of landmark street
        safety legislation authored by City
        Council Majority Leader Jimmy
        Van Bramer passed the New York
        City Council. These two bills, In-
        tro 1116 and 1257, had passed the
        Council’s Transportation Com-
        mittee on Wednesday, November
        15th and passed the full Council
        on  Thursday,  November  16th.
        These bills build on the City’s Vi-
        sion Zero initiative, which aims to
        eliminate injuries and fatalities on
        city streets.
             Intro 1257, the Safe Routes
        to School Plan, builds on Vision
        Zero  School  Safety  Plans  by
        requiring the NYC Department
        of Transportation to identify the  View Portal, and will ensure that  death in 2013 of Noshat Nahian by
        50 most dangerous intersections  the public has access at all times  PS 152 on Northern Boulevard in
        at schools and develop compre-  to valuable traffic data. Intro 1116  Woodside, I swore to fight to make
        hensive plans to enhance traffic  also  codifies  the  View  Portal,  Vision Zero a reality. Today, by
        safety at those intersections. This  which had previously not been  passing the Safe Routes to School
        bill also requires the NYC DOT to  required by law and could have  Action Plan, the City Council has
        report to the council in detail the  been eliminated at any time.  made a commitment to keep our
        plans used as well as the status of       “Any day that we can make our  students safe on their way to and
        implementation at these dangerous  City’s streets safer for pedestrians,  from school. I am proud to have
        intersections.               especially  children,  is  a  good  sponsored  these  bills  and  was
             Intro 1116 codifies and strength-  day,” Majority Leader Jimmy Van  delighted to see them passed by
        ens the use of the Vision Zero  Bramer said. “Following the tragic  my colleagues today.”
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