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THURSDAY, JULY 2, 2020                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 7

          Meng Votes to Pass The George Floyd                        Senator James Sanders Jr. Leads in Protecting Southeast
                     Justice in Policing Act                                       Queens Community From COVID-19
                                                                                by Donating 5,000 Masks to Local School
                                     the one month anniversary of that
                                     tragedy – is a bold and transforma-       Senator James Sanders Jr. (D-
                                     tive step forward to hold police  Rochdale Village, Far Rockaway)
                                     accountable, end racial profiling,  who is always proactive when it
                                     and eliminate qualified immunity  comes to handling a crisis was
                                     for law enforcement; it is a step  at the forefront of protecting his
                                     toward transforming the culture of  district from COVID-19 by do-
                                     policing, increasing transparency,  nating  5,000  masks  to  a  local
                                     and combatting the epidemic of  school. Senator Sanders wants to
                                     racial injustice. We cannot, and  make sure that teachers, staff and
                                     will not, turn our backs on the  students stay safe in anticipation
                                     cries for justice – and we most  of schools being open for the fall
                                     certainly cannot go back to a sys-  semester, and plans to give away
        Congresswoman returns to na-  tem that would look the other way  more PPE in the coming months.
        tion’s capital for vote on compre-  when faced with police brutality.            The  masks  were  provided
        hensive police reform legislation  The Senate must now follow the  through a collaboration with Am-
                                     House’s lead, and immediately  bassador Huang Ping, Consul Gen-
             U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-  pass this vital legislation, because  eral of China’s Consulate General
        Queens) tonight voted to pass the  this moment of national anguish  in New York and were given to
        George Floyd Justice in Policing  demands nothing less.”   P.S. 354 (The STEM Institute of
        Act (H.R. 7120) to address the       The George Floyd Justice in  Queens). Principal Raevan Askew   Principal Raevan Askew, left, and School Superintendent
        systemic inequities and racial in-  Policing  Act  would  implement  and School Superintendent (CD  (CD 28) Dr. Tammy Pate, right, accepted the masks on behalf
        justices that too many, particularly  significant policing reforms and  28) Dr. Tammy Pate accepted the  of P.S. 354. They were presented by Sanders’ Chief of Staff,
        those in the Black community,  address racial injustice. Specifi-  masks on behalf of P.S. 354. They  Marvin Holland and Constituent Liaison, Kristen Holness.
        tragically face.             cally, it:                    said they were very thankful for
             “In response to the watershed  •    Bans chokeholds;  the donation.                spoke to Principal Askew and Dr.  with everybody here in New York
        moment of witnessing the brutal  •    Stops no-knock warrants;       “Community District 28 is a very  Pate virtually via Zoom said he  to fight against this pandemic,”
        video  of  George  Floyd  being  •    Ends the qualified immunity  diverse district for our students to  believed it was important for China  Ambassador Huang Ping said. “I
        slowly murdered under the knee  doctrine that is a barrier to hold-  learn and to grow,” Dr. Pate said.  and the United States to help each  am very glad that with the help
        of  a  police  officer,  Americans  ing police officers accountable for  “We want to thank you for being  other and build positive relation-  of Senator Sanders we are able to
        across the country rose up with  wrongful conduct;         mindful of the health and concerns  ships moving forward.  donate 5,000 facial masks to the
        tears in our eyes demanding equal  •    Combats racial profiling;  of our parents and our students.       “As a diplomat living in New  STEM Institute. I hope that our
        justice, and an end to structural  •        Mandates  data  collection,  It  means  more  than  words  can  York, I see myself as a New Yorker,  kids can be better equiped and
        racism and police brutality,” said  including body cameras and dash-  express.”         so I feel this is my privilege and
        Meng. “Our nation is crying out  board cameras; and             Ambassador Huang Ping who  also my obligation to join hands
        against a system that has caused  •    Establishes new standards for                                                     (Continued on page 10)
        so  much  harm  to  communities  policing.
        of color, especially to the Black       The bill passed by a vote of   MTA Announces Innovative Barriers to be Installed on Local
        community.  Today’s  vote  –  on  236-181.                     and Express Buses to Further Enhance Operator Safety
         Statement from New York City Transit                           MTA New York City Transit
            Interim President Sarah Feinberg:                      has announced it is installing an
                                                                   innovative barrier across 4,800
                                     City’s decision to defund the Fair   local  buses  and  1,000  express
                                     Fares program:                buses  to  further  enhance  bus
                                               “The  Mayor’s  decision  to   operator safety during the CO-
                                     slash the Fair Fares program will   VID-19 pandemic and beyond.
                                     make it more difficult for tens of   Installation of a full-length vinyl
                                     thousands of customers who rely   curtain on express buses will start
                                     on mass transit to afford to get to   this week and is expected to be
                                     jobs, school and work as New York   completed by mid-August. Lo-
                                     continues to reopen. At a time   cal buses will be equipped with
                                     when the MTA is hemorrhaging   either a polycarbonate slider or a
                                     money at record levels due to the   vinyl sheeting curtain, which will
                                     COVID-19 crisis, this cut sets us   fully protect bus operators when
             New York City Transit Interim  back  and  will  further  hurt  our   passengers board. The installation
        President Sarah Feinberg issued  ability to provide critical services   of new barriers across the fleet
        the  following  statement  on  the  to New Yorkers.”       is expected to be completed by
                                                                   the fall. The MTA will resume
          Councilman Ulrich Votes ‘No’ on City                     front door boarding on all buses  of New York City Transit. “We       “This is one of the many in-
           Council Budget Adoption, Slashing                       in August.                   continue to disinfect buses around  novative solutions we are imple-
                                                                        “The new barriers are part  the clock, require all customers  menting  to  keep  bus  operators
                    $1 Billion From NYPD                           of our commitment to continu-  and  employees  to  wear  masks,  safe as more customers make their
                                                                   ously protect bus operators when  and these new short-term solu-  way back onto buses,” said Craig
                                                                   performing their heroic work of  tion barriers ensure we are doing  Cipriano, Senior Vice President
                                                                   keeping this city moving,” said  everything  possible  to  protect
             “I could not, in good faith,                          Sarah Feinberg, Interim President  employees and riders.”
        vote ‘yes’ on the budget adoption.                                                                                       (Continued on page 10)Continued on page 10)
        These  deep  cuts  to  the  NYPD
        budget are just insane. While gun
        violence and murder skyrocketed,                                 Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of
        the Mayor and Council are cater-
        ing to the demands of left-wing                               July as we proudly celebrate and cherish our
        extremists who aim to completely
        dismantle the NYPD.                                                        patriotism and independence.
             This budget will make New
        York City a more violent place.
        New Yorkers will not soon forget                                                            Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr.
        this betrayal of the public trust and
        who was behind it.”
                                                                                                         New York State Senator

                                                                                                                    District 15

                                                                                                District Offices:
                                                                                                159-53 102nd Street          66-85 73rd Place
                                                                                                Howard Beach, NY 11414       Middle Village, NY 11379
                                                                                                (718) 738-1111               (718) 497-1630
                                                                                                (FAX) (718) 322-5760         (FAX) (718) 497-1761
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