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        Suozzi Introduces the Harlem Hellfighters                                                    Assemblyman Mike Miller Host
                     Congressional Gold Medal Act                                                           The Maple Experience

        Resolution  will  recognize  the
        regiment  for  their  bravery  and
        outstanding service during World
        War I
             Recently, Congressman Tom
        Suozzi (D – Long Island, Queens)
        introduced H.R. 5248, legislation
        to award a Congressional Gold
        Medal to the 369th Infantry Regi-
        ment, commonly known as the
        “Harlem Hellfighters,” in recogni-
        tion of their bravery and outstand-
        ing service during World War I.
             “It is never too late to do the
        right thing. When the Hellfighters
        returned home from World War        The Harlem Hellfighters were  a major achievement in the recipi-
        One, instead of being honored for   an  African-American  infantry  ent’s field, long after the achieve-       The Maple Experience is an in-  only Native Americans inhabited
        their selfless service to our nation,   unit  in  WWI  who  spent  more  ment.”  The  practice  of  issuing  teractive display depicting all fac-  our lands and how one day the
        they were met with discrimination   time  in  combat  than  any  other  gold medals to honor recipients  ets of the maple industry. Housed  sweet, clear maple liquid was dis-
        and racism,” said Suozzi. “The   American unit. In 1918, the U.S.  from the military began during  in a 24-foot trailer, students were  covered coming from a maple tree.
        bravery,  dedication,  and  sacri-  Army decided to assign the unit  the American Revolution.   offered a first-hand look at how       Next, students learn of several
        fices of the Harlem Hellfighters,   to the French Army for the dura-       The gold medal will be designed  maple syrup was discovered, how  components of tapping a tree in-
        who served 191 days under near   tion of American participation in  and struck by the United States  maple sap is harvested and col-  cluding early settlers whittling of
        constant enemy fire, impacted the   World War I because many white  Mint and displayed at the Smith-  lected from maple trees, and how  an old-fashioned maple spout to
        outcome of the first World War   American soldiers refused to per-  sonian Institution and at events  the liquid maple sap is processed  using modern tubing systems to
        and in turn, American history.   form combat duty with African-  associated with the Harlem Hell-  into pure, sweet maple syrup.  The  collect the maple sap. In the third
        The Harlem Hellfighters undeni-  Americans. The men were issued  fighters. Bronze versions of the  Maple Experience concludes with  portion, students become a min-
        ably deserve our nation’s gratitude   French weapons, helmets, belts,  medals are struck for sale by the  examples of use of maple in foods  forest of maple trees and learn
        and awarding the unit the Con-  and pouches, although they con-  U.S. Mint, and may be available  and sampling of pure maple syrup  how gravity helps collect the maple
        gressional Gold Medal will be an   tinued to wear their U.S. uniforms.  in both larger and smaller sizes.   and/or other maple products.   sap using a modern plastic tubing
        important first step in righting this   Despite their courage, sacrifice,       At the Glen Cove event hon-       “I always enjoy when the Maple  system.  As groups enter the trailer,
        decades-old injustice.”      and dedication to their country,  oring  the  Harlem  Hellfighters,  Experience comes to my district,”  they view an actual scene from
             On Saturday November 16, at an   they returned home to face racism  Suozzi surprised the family of  said Assemblyman Miller.  “This  a maple sugarbush woodlot and
        event in Glen Cove, NY, honoring   and segregation from their fellow  World War I Army Sergeant and  hands-on agricultural experience  imagine a winter’s day in February.
        the legacy of the Harlem Hell-  countrymen.                Harlem  Hellfighter,  Leander  was brought to PS239, teaching  Here, there is a demonstration on
        fighters, Suozzi announced that             The  Congressional  Gold  Willett, with the prestigious and  students the production of what we  how the maple sap is collected us-
        he would introduce the Congres-  Medal is an award bestowed by  historic Purple Heart. Willett’s  eat. Thank you, Principal Michele  ing vacuum systems and processed
        sional Gold Medal legislation this   the United States Congress, to  daughter, Clara Willett, proudly  Dzwonek, for participating in this  into fresh maple syrup using an
        week. That announcement was   honor those, individually or as a  and  emotionally  accepted  her  program.”          actual mini- maple syrup evapora-
        met with gratitude and applause   group, “who have performed an  father’s long-overdue recognition       The presentation is broken into  tor that simulates boiling. Finally,
        from the crowd, which included   achievement that has an impact  for “wounds received as a result  five segments, with the first being  students taste the sweet results of
        family members of Harlem Hell-  on American history and culture  of hostile actions” in France on  a whole-group depiction of the  hours of work with a sampling of
        fighters.                    that is likely to be recognized as  October 4, 1918.       discovery of maple syrup. Students  pure maple syrup or other maple
                                                                                                are asked to imagine a time when  products.

                                                                                                    NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst
                                                                                                     Announces Plans For Emergency
                                                                                                            Department Expansion

                   WE’RE HIRING!

                     Immediate positions for school bus drivers

                                               Vallo Transportation
                                               oers private school bus
                                               service from Queens to Bronx

                                               High School of Science and
                                               H.S. of American Studies at                           NYC Health + Hospitals/Elm-  trauma  space,  up  from  seven

                                               Lehman College                                   hurst recently hosted a kickoff  currently. The new second floor
                                                                                                ceremony for the future construc-
                                                                                                                             to the ED will accommodate the
                                                                                                tion  of  its  Emergency  Depart-  hospital’s Adult and Child Emer-
                                                                                                ment (ED) expansion. The $43  gency  Psychiatry  and  Partial
                                                                                                million capital expansion project  Hospitalization  programs.  The
                                                                                                will include the renovation and  space will incorporate a state-of
                                               For prompt, professional                         redesign of the existing 28,900  the-art Stroke Center, featuring
                                                                                                square feet of space, along with  an  advanced  medical  imaging
                                               & personalized service contact:                  the addition of a second story that  unit that will allow the hospital
                                                                                                will provide a new 19,400 square  to expedite life-saving care for
                                               (718) 961-7600                                   feet. The expansion will feature  stroke patients. Funding for the
                                                                                                33 new patient rooms within the  project was provided by the New
                                                           adult ED space, which includes  York City Council, the Queens
                                                                                                rooms  dedicated  to  bariatric,  Borough President, NYC Health
                                                                                                special  pathogens,  and  critical  + Hospitals, and New York State’s
                                                                                                care  isolation.  Space  will  also  DSRIP program. The expansion
                                                                                                be made for 25 patient bays, 19  is  scheduled  to  begin  in  late
                                                                                                surge bed capable locations and  spring of 2020 and be substan-
                                                                                                an expanded 10 bed critical care/  tially completed by April 2023.
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