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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2017                               THE QUEENS TIMES                                                             PAGE 7

              St. John’s School of Law Celebrates                                                     Senator Toby Stavisky Welcomes

          Grand Opening of  the Mattone Family                                                     NYS Senate Select Library Committee
                                                                                                       Chairwoman, Sen. Patty Ritchie
                     Institute for Real Estate Law                                                             to Flushing Library

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             With a ribbon cutting ceremony
        attended by distinguished alumni,
        government officials, and busi-
        ness leaders, St. John’s Univer-
        sity School of Law launched the
        Mattone Family Institute for Real
        Estate Law.
             The institute was established
        through a transformational $3 mil-
        lion gift from St. John’s Univer-
        sity and St. John’s Law alumnus
        Joseph  M.  Mattone,  Sr.,  chair-
        man and chief executive officer
        of  the  Mattone  Group,  LLC,  a
        Queens-based development and
        construction company that man-
        ages over two million square feet
        of commercial, residential, and   St. John’s Mattone Family Institute for Real Estate Law Ribbon Cutting
        industrial properties in New York,   Ceremony. Pictured (L-R): Rev. Bernard M. Tracey, C.M., M.Div.,   Chief Librarian Nicolas Buron demonstrates the automated check-
                                     Joseph M. Mattone, Sr., Mary Ann Mattone, Dean Michael A. Simons
        Georgia, Illinois, Connecticut, and                                                     out system for Senators Stavisky and Ritchie (right) along with
        Florida. Mr. Mattone is also a se-                                                      CEO Dennis Walcott (left) at the Flushing Library’s Media Center.
        nior partner at Mattone, Mattone,                                                            Senator Toby Stavisky wel-  marked the first time a Senate
        Mattone LLP, a full-service law                                                         comed  Senator  Patty  Ritchie,  Library  Chair  ever  visited  the
        firm in Queens.                                                                         Chairwoman of the NYS Senate  Queens Library system. Dennis
             Throughout his professional                                                        Select Committee on Libraries, to  Walcott, the CEO anf President of
        career, Mr. Mattone has promoted                                                        the Queens Library in Flushing.  the Queens Library, led the tour.
        education and philanthropy. He                                                          The Flushing Library is the busi-  They discussed the cutting-edge
        was the first person to give $1                                                         est library in the nation, averaging  technology Queens Library uses
        million to St. John’s University,                                                       5,000 people per day. The visit  and the state funding process.
        and served as a founding member
        of its board of governors.                                                                   Chairman Crowley on Passage of
             Housed in new, spacious quar-
        ters at St. John’s Law and led by a                                                     House Republicans’ Bill to Raise Taxes
        full-time director, St. John’s Law                                                                    on the Middle Class
        alumnus Robert J. Sein, the Mat-
        tone Institute will be the academic                                                          House Democratic Caucus  leagues who voted for this bill and
        and pre-professional training hub                                                       Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY)  against the best interests of their
        for all St. John’s Law students                                                         issued  the  following  statement  constituents and our state.
        interested in pursuing a career in   Celebrating Launch of St. John’s Mattone Family Institute for Real  after  House  Republicans  ap-  “This bill will force homeowners
        real estate law. It will offer, among   Estate Law. Pictured is Joseph Mattone, Sr. with Hon.Janet  DiFiore  proved a tax bill that would raise  and renters to pay more just to stay
        other  programs,scholarships  New York, and Queens Borough  the Mattones, Dean and John. V.   taxes on middle-class and working  in their homes. It will force teach-
        and  fellowships,  an  expanded  President Melinda N. Katz, who  Brennan Professor of Law and   families:            ers to pay out of their own pockets
        curriculum,  practical  skills-  thanked Mr. Mattone and his fam-  Ethics Michael A. Simons said,   “There is no way for Republicans  for necessary school supplies. And
        based training, externships and  ily for providing a vital real estate  “St. John’s Law has a long history   to spin this: today’s vote was a  it will make it harder for veterans
        internships,continuing legal edu-  forum to St. John’s Law and the  of producing excellent real estate   lavish gift to well-connected GOP  to find meaningful work when
        cation, and conferences.     wider community. Ms. Katz also  attorneys, and the Mattone Fam-  donors. The simple truth is, this  they return to civilian life. I cannot
             On hand to celebrate the Mat-  presented  Mr.  Mattone  with  a  ily Institute for Real Estate Law   scam of a bill will raise taxes on  understand how Republicans can
        tone  Institute’s  grand  opening  proclamation declaring Wednes-  will cement our role as a hub for   middle-class families and work-  justify hurting hard-working men
        were St. John’s Law alumnae Hon.  day, November 8, 2017 to beJoseph  legal education, scholarship, and   ing Americans who are seeking  and women in Queens, the Bronx,
        Janet DiFiore, Chief Judge of the  M. Mattone, Sr. Day in Queens.  training in New York for years   financial stability in an uncertain  and across the country just so their
        Court of Appeals and the State of       Expressing his gratitude to  to come.”          economy. I’m particularly disap-  special interest friends can cash-in
                                                                                                pointed  in  my  New  York  col-  on an unneeded tax break.”
             Assemblyman Braunstein & Council Member Treyger
              Introduce Legislation Prohibiting Law Enforcement
         Officials from Engaging in Sexual Activity with Individuals
                                           in Custody
                  Assemblyman  Edward  C.
        Braunstein  (D-Bayside)  and
        Council Member Mark Treyger
        (47th District, Co-Chair of the
        Council’s Brooklyn Delegation)
        introduced legislation that would
        prohibit law enforcement officials
        from engaging in sexual contact
        with someone in their custody.
             In September, two narcot-
        ics detectives allegedly raped a
        teenager  in  their  custody,  and
        tried to claim it was “consensual.”
        The detectives, who have since
        resigned  from  the  force,  were
        indicted  on  charges  including
        rape, kidnapping, and bribery in
        early November by the office of
        Kings County District Attorney
        Eric Gonzalez. While laws cur-  peace officers.            Braunstein’s bill would amend the
        rently exist that explicitly state       Council Member Treyger’s  state penal code to add police and
        that inmates are incapable of giv-  legislation  would  prohibit  any  peace officers to the current sec-
        ing sexual consent to corrections  sexual  contact  between  police  tion of law which already makes
        officers and prison workers, and  or peace officers and individuals  any sexual contact between cor-
        parolees are incapable of giving  in their custody, and makes any  rections officers and parole of-
        consent to parole officers, there  such crime a misdemeanor, the  ficers and those in their custody a
        are no such provisions that apply  maximum penalty allowed under
        to those in the custody of police or  New York City law. Assemblyman   (Continued on page 9)
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