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PAGE 8                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                 THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2022

                                                              (Jan. 14 to Jan. 20)

             Queens gets ready for the Year
        of the Tiger with lucky plants, live
        music, over-the-top films, forest
        bathing, Hip Hop theater, and
        virtual tours.
        ●    Jan. 21, Three Days of Dance,
        Jan. 23. Ranardo-Domeico Grays
        and sarAika perform as part of the
        monthly Take Root program at 8
        pm on Jan. 21 and Jan. 22. The
        monthly Fertile Ground program
        presents several artists, who offer
        works-in-progress, followed by a
        conversation with the audience,
        on Jan. 23 at 7 pm. Green Space,
        37-24 24th St., Ste. 211, Long                                                                 A & F Auto Repairs, Inc.
        Island City.                                                         Radio-Riot
        ●    Jan. 21, See It Big: Extrava-
        ganzas!, Feb. 6. An annual series                                                                          General Auto Repairs
        of films that push cinematic style                                                                        (Foreingn and Domestic)
        into EXCESS! The lineup includes                                                                               Accessories
        Jean Renoir’s “French Cancan,”                                                                               • Tires • Batteries
        Michael Powell and Emeric Press-                                                                           • Electronic Tune-ups
        burger’s “The Tales of Hoffmann,”                                                                            • Inspection Station
        Jean Cocteau’s “Beauty and the                                                                                  • Towing
        Beast,” Paul Thomas Anderson’s                                                                      ARIS & FRANK
        “Boogie Nights,” Aleksei Ger-
        man’s “Khrustalyov, My Car!”                                                                    43-05 111th Street • Corona Heights, NY
        and a rare presentation of Sergei                                                                    Greek, Spanish and Italian Spoken
        Eisenstein’s “Ivan the Terrible,
        Parts I & II.” Museum of the                                                                    (718) 592-7470        (718) 699-2499
        Moving Image, 36-01 35th Ave.,
        Astoria’s Kaufman Arts District.
        ●    Jan. 21, Priceless Band, 8 pm.
        This Motown-heavy band com-
        bines old school music by Janet  ●    Jan. 23, Year of the Tiger Com-  ●    Jan. 25, Live Stream Concert,
        Jackson, Prince, and Whitney  munity Art Project, Feb. 12. Be a  7 pm. The Astoria-based Brian
        Houston with tunes by new artists  part of a community art project  Woodruff Sextet does original
        such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.  by creating a tiger stripe pattern  Jazz compositions and arrange-
        Resorts World New York City,  panel or decorate a tiger face to  ments that cover a wide variety
        110-00 Rockaway Blvd., South  hang at the Visitor & Adminis-  of moods, grooves, and harmonic
        Jamaica.                     tration Building for the month  styles. Listeners tap their feet,
        ●    Jan. 22, BlackMass Publish-  of February. Queens Botanical  nod their heads, and hum the lyr-
        ing with Allan Gilbert Balon, 2  Garden, 43-50 Main St., Flushing.  ics. Culture Lab LIC, 5-25 46th
        pm. A public event that combines  ●    Jan. 23, Forest Bathing Walk,  Ave., LIC.
        new and archival content by black  1 pm. Take a 90-minute meditative  ●    Jan. 25, Music Makers: Victor
        artists and cultural producers,  walk led by certified guide Linda  Murillo, 7 pm. Queens College
        often taking an improvisational  Lombardo. Based on Shinrin-  Aaron Copland School of Music
        approach. The events could be  Yoku, this Japanese tradition  graduate Victor Murillo uses the
        conversations, screenings, perfor-  inspires mindful connections with  Mexican traditions of Son Jarocho
        mances or something else. MoMA  the natural elements of the woods  and Fandango during this 30-min-
        PS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave., Long  for a range of healthful benefits.  ute stream from Kupferberg Cen-
        Island City.                 Alley Pond Environmental Cen-  ter for the Arts.
        ●    Jan. 22, Lucky Plant Sale,  ter, 224-65 76th Ave., Oakland  ●    Jan. 27, Hip Hop Theater,
        Feb. 13. The Lunar New Year is  Gardens.                   March 3. Geared for teenagers,
        approaching, and flowers bring  ●    Jan. 23, Dance for PD®, March  this weekly winter camp includes
        luck, according to legend. Choose  27. The Mark Morris Dance Group  performance genres such as spo-
        from jade plants, peace lilies, and  presents an adaptive program for  ken word, acting, theater, poetry,
        other auspicious beauties. Queens  people living with Parkinson’s  storytelling, public speaking, and
        Botanical Garden, 43-50 Main St.,  disease twice monthly at 2 pm on  crowd persuasion with teaching
        Flushing.                    Sundays. In person and online, the  artist Malik Work. Students con-
        ●    Jan. 22, The Contemporary  classes get participants to engage  ceptualize, write,  and perform
        Presence: In Conversation with  with a teaching artist and each  their own pieces from 4 pm to 6
        Isamu Noguchi, 6 pm. A streamed  other during a 50‐minute move-  pm on the following Thursdays:
        conversation between Dakin Hart  ment session based on Ballet, Jazz,  Jan. 27; Feb. 3; Feb. 10; Feb. 17;
        from The Noguchi Museum and  Modern, Tap, traditional forms,  Feb. 24; and March 3. Jamaica
        Stephen Burks from Stephen  and Mark Morris repertoire.  Center for Arts & Learning, 161-
        Burks Man Made about Isamu  Queens Theatre, 14 United Na-  04 Jamaica Ave.
        Noguchi’s principles and endur-  tions Ave. S., Flushing Meadows  ●    Jan. 27, Confronting Antisemi-
        ing relevance for contemporary  Corona Park.               tism at Home and Abroad, 6 pm.
        creatives.                   ●    Jan. 24, A Virtual Tour in  The Kupferberg Holocaust Center
        ●    Jan. 22, Radio Riot, 8 pm.  Ravenswood, 7 pm. Forgotten  commemorates International Ho-
        This party band consists of pow-  NY’s Kevin Walsh and the Greater  locaust Remember Day by stream-
        erful male and female lead vocals  Astoria Historical Society’s Bob  ing a workshop with United States
        who cover everything from 1940s  Singleton take viewers to a past  Holocaust Memorial Museum
        Swing to today’s hottest dance  community of mansions, an area  Deputy Director for International
        tunes. Resorts World New York  of industry, and a neighborhood of  Affairs Robert Williams on how
        City, 110-00 Rockaway Blvd.,  waterfront parks in Northeastern  current conspiracy theories and
        South Jamaica.               Queens.                       tropes fuel antisemitism.

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