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PAGE 12                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                      THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2023

          Special Honor For a Veteran

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        Queens District Attorney Melinda  Katz spoke  at  the
        AMVETS Post 10-13 Testimonial Dinner in honor of
        Emory Perry, a U.S. Army veteran. DA Katz said “I was
        happy to help celebrate this officer and gentleman, who
        was also a policeman, a civic leader and who continues
        to  be a valued member  of the Queens community
         Meet Your Legislator Vaad Harabonim


        DA Katz had a great visit with the Vaad Harabonim of Queens
        during its “Meet Your Legislator” gathering. DA Katz said “It
        was a pleasure talking with Rabbi Katz of Tomchei Shabbos,”
        Council Member Sandra Ung and many others in attendance.
        DA Katz thanked Vaad Harabonim’s President Rabbi Shmuel
        Marcus and  organizer Avrohom Hecht for the invitation.

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