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PAGE 12                                                    THE QUEENS TIMES                                    THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2024

            Ramadan Iftar Hosted By The Bangladeshi

                         American Police Association.

             Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz recently had the pleasure of attending a Ramadan iftar
        hosted by the Bangladeshi American Police Association.
             QDA Katz said “The event highlighted the borough’s rich diversity and allowed me the opportunity
        to express my gratitude for the positive contributions of the Muslim community to Queens, and I extend
        my well wishes for a peaceful Ramadan.

           NYC Department of Veterans Outreach Event

             Council Member Linda Lee gave Special thanks to Tanya from the New York City Department of Veterans
        Services for stopping by to assist veterans and families in applying for claims and benefits.
        The Council Member said “So many have fought and sacrificed for our country and I am glad that we could
        help provide the support and referrals to the programs that they are entitled to revive.”
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         CM Vickie Paladino’s Segment With Marcia Kramer                                                     crossword puzzles online Visit
            on Squatters With a Dozen Victims in District 19

             Recently CM Paladino hosted
        a dozen of her constituents who
        have been affected by the prop-
        erty laws in New York.
             These property owners have
        squatters who have been illegally
        living on their property for years
        at a time. It’s disgusting that
        New York continues to enable
        these criminals while leaving
        law-abiding citizens to fend for
        themselves. The Council Mem-
        ber thanked Marcia Kramer for
        her coverage  of this issue and
        for making the trip out to Dis-
        trict 19 to speak to District 19
        constituents. CM Paladino said
        “We must keep pressure on this
        issue or we’ll never see a change  change on the State level to fully  the change I am hoping to make
        in the laws. There has to be a  protect homeowners as well as  on the city level.”
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