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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 2022                                 THE QUEENS TIMES                                                            PAGE 7

                                                                                                Sunnyside Community Services Hosted
                  Hofstra Lecture on Systems Design And                                                Thanksgiving Day Celebration
                                Broadcast Engineering

           By Karoline Otavalo
             This week’s Tech Thursday,
        hosted by Makayla Bullard, stu-
        dent tech engineer of Hofstra’s
        radio station WRHU, invited
        guest speaker Barry Grossman to
        speak about his work in systems
        design and broadcast engineer-
        ing. The event ran on December
        1 from 8-9:35 pm in the main                                                                 On Thanksgiving Day, staff,  a number of activities before and
                                                                                                volunteers, and Board Members  after the meal, including singing,
        office of WRHU. Refreshments
        were provided for all attendees,                                                        of Sunnyside Community Ser-  dancing, games, music, and a
                                                                                                vices (SCS) prepared, cooked, and  raffle with prizes. State Senator
        who were mainly audio and radio
        production students, as well as                                                         served a traditional Thanksgiv-  Michael Gianaris stopped by to
                                                                                                ing meal for more than 150 older  visit with participants. The event
        journalism students.
             As an engineer, Barry Gross-                                                       adults at SCS’ main building in  was funded by NYC Aging and
                                                                                                Sunnyside, NY. The Thanks-
        man, 64, has  over 30 years of   Attending Hofstra’s lecture on becoming Systems Designers                           CityMeals.
        production experience in systems   and  Broadcast  Engineers  are  Andy  Gladding,  Karoline   giving celebration is an annual       The Thanksgiving Day event
                                                                                                tradition  at  SCS  and  this  year  is just one of many programs
        and broadcast design within the   Otavalo, Mariama Kabbah, Makayla Bullard, Isabella Ehrhardt,
        spheres of performing arts and   Estelle Barbieri, Nick Costanzo, Michael Ventrice and Matt   marked the return of the in-person  throughout the year that SCS of-
                                                                                                event. Due to Covid-19 restric-
        sports. He has worked at sev-  trasverso. Photo by Andy Gliding                                                      fers free for adults aged 60 and
        eral companies including TV net-                                                        tions and safety concerns, meals  older. To join SCS’ Center for Ac-
                                                                                                were delivered for the previous  tive Older Adults, contact info@
        works like WMGM-TV 40 NBC,
        WWOR-TV, WPRI-TV, and media                                                             two years. Participants enjoyed or 877-577-9337.
        outlets such as The Sun Newspa-
        per. He has also worked on touring                                                         Meng Issues Statement on Senate’s
        version of the The American Idiot                                                        Failure to Pass The House Resolution
        Broadway musical and on a floor
        projection for the Madison Square                                                              to Provide Rail Workers With
        Garden arena, which features The
        Knicks’ showcase.                                                                                        Paid Sick Leave
             “My role as a systems engi-
        neer is to work with the project                                                                                     pass a resolution, H. Con. Res. 119,
        managers, content creators, pro-                                                                                     to provide rail workers with seven
        grammers, video designers and                                                                                        paid sick days. The resolution
        others to come up with a system                                                                                      passed the House with a 221-207
        which will meet the needs of the                                                                                     bipartisan vote on Wednesday,
        show, be reliable and affordable,”                                                                                   November 30.
        Grossman said.                                                                                                            “I am extremely disappointed
             Currently, Grossman works                                                                                       by the Senate’s failure to adopt
        as an independent contractor.   At Hofstra’s lecture guest speaker Barry Grossman answered                           the House-passed resolution that
        “Everyone wants to be behind   students questions from Mariama Kabbah, Isabella Ehrhardt,                            put essential rail workers ahead
        the camera and work the camera   Nick Costanzo, Michael Ventrice, Estelle Barbieri, Matt                             of corporate profits. Rail workers
        but no one wants to fix things,”   Trasverso, among others. Also in attendance was Cav.                              are responsible for transporting
        he said. Grossman, however,   Josephine A.  Maietta,  host  of  the Italian  Cultural  Music                         essential goods like fuel, water,
        has made a career out of fixing   Show “Sabato Italiano” at WRHU; she also asked Grossman                            and food across our nation. They,
                                     how students should go about networking. Photo by Cav.          U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY)  like all workers, deserve paid sick
            (Continued on page 10)   Josephine A. Maietta                                       has issued the following statement  leave and it is appalling that some
                                                                                                condemning the Senate’s failure to  lawmakers disagree.”
         Assemblywoman Nily Rozic Announces Holiday Investment
                                 in Commonpoint Queens

        $50,000 in State Funding to Sup-
        port Holiday Meal Deliveries                                                               To read GIA online in English and Italian

             Assemblywoman Nily Ro-                                                                             Visit
        zic (D,WF-Queens) announced
        $50,000 in funding she allocated
        to Commonpoint Queens. The
        state investment will be used to
        provide food deliveries for seniors
        and families in need this holiday
             “As the holiday season ap-
        proaches, it is crucial that we
        look out for those in need,” said
        Assemblywoman Rozic. “Com-
        monpoint Queens’ dedication to
        providing culturally appropriate
        food packages to Queens residents
        is essential year-round and even
        more during the pandemic. I am
        proud to be able to support their
        continued efforts.”
             “We are so incredibly grateful
        for the partnership and generos-
        ity of Assemblymember Rozic,
        who is constantly providing hope
        and resources for our vulnerable
        neighbors,” said Danielle Ellman,  in our community.”      their services include community
        CEO of Commonpoint Queens.       Commonpoint Queens is a  programming, educational initia-
        “Thanks to this support, we will  nonprofit organization dedicated  tives, and cultural events. Rozic
        be able to provide high-quality  to improving the quality of indi-  has long supported their work
        meals, essential home items, and  vidual, family and communal life  both through state funding and
        unquantifiable holiday spirit for  throughout Queens. In addition  by volunteering to deliver food
        hundreds of isolated older adults  to their food delivery program,  packages personally.
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