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               QDA Melinda Katz Seizes Unlicensed Mobile

                       Cannabis Dispensary In Sunnyside

        Product Heavily Marketed To-
        ward Children with Names Such
        As “Skittles” and “Gummy
        Sharks” Vehicle Impounded and
        All Product Seized

             Queens District Attorney
        Melinda Katz announced the
        takedown of an illegal cannabis
        dispensary operating out of a
        converted school bus in Sun-
        nyside.  The seized product was
        determined to have been overtly
        marketed toward children, with
        names such as “Skittles,” “Gum-
        my Sharks,” “Jolly Ranchers,”
        and packaging nearly identically
        to snacks popular with kids. The
        vehicle’s owner has been charged
        with unlawful sale and unlaw-  in Queens. There are 42 state-  317 suspected illegal cannabis
        ful possession of cannabis for  authorized medical marijuana  dispensaries:
        allegedly operating the illegal  dispensaries, including three in  •    More than 1,800 pounds of
        business.                    Queens.                       cannabis edibles, including gum-
             District Attorney Katz said:       The seized products are esti-  mies and candy bars
        “You cannot operate a cannabis  mated to be more than two pounds  •    More than 2,500 pounds of
        dispensary that is unregulated and  of cannabis.           cannabis flowers
        marketed  toward  our  children.       This operation is part of the  •    Hundreds of packages of edible
        Unlicensed marijuana sellers have  District Attorney’s ongoing ef-  psylocibin, also known as “magic
        become the subject of numerous  forts to rid Queens of illegal  mushrooms”
        community complaints because  cannabis dispensaries, whether  •    Over 10,000 cannabis vape
        the unregulated product is often  operating out of trucks and vans  “pens”
        targeted  to  young  people  and  or brick-and-mortar commercial  •    All of which has an estimated   Park Side Restaurant
        has actually sickened customers.  locations.               value of over $7.5 million
        Such dispensaries also evade tax       Since November 2022, enforce-       District Attorney Katz has also
        revenue for public services and  ment operations have resulted in  initiated eviction proceedings   Queens’Finest Italian Restaurant
        undercut legal vendors who pri-  the prosecution of 286 individuals  pursuant to the Real Property
        oritize safety and compliance. My  for felony-related charges related  Actions and Proceedings Law
        office will continue to crack down  to the sale and/or possession of  against 31 brick-and-mortar stores
        on illegal dispensaries that pose a  cannabis or controlled substances  operating as illegal smoke shops.
        serious threat to public health.”      in Queens.               A total of 79 shops in Queens
             Currently, there are 133 li-       To date, the following items,  County have been padlocked as of
        censed adult recreational-use can-  with an estimated combined  May 2024 through the assistance
        nabis dispensaries open in New  value of more than $7 million,  of the New York City Sheriff’s
        York state, including fourteen  have been seized from more than  Office and the NYPD.

                    Fighting Against Squatting at City Hall

             We have all witnessed the hav-
        oc squatting has wreaked across                                                           About Park Side Restaurant - An Italian Landmark in the heart of Corona,
        our city, and heard the horror                                                            Queens, Park Side Restaurant is truly a destination that is worth the trip.
        stories from victims and their                                                            After one visit, you will be sure to be back again and again for one the
        families. Squatters must be held                                                          city’s Best Italian restaurants. Bring your appetite and enjoy authentic
        accountable and our city should                                                           and always delicious dishes using the freshest ingredients and attention to
        do everything in its power to                                                             detail served by our professional staff. Park Side is also happy to host your
        provide additional protections                                                            next function with our private dining area and flexible banquet packages.
        for homeowners, which is why I
        joined a rally in support of legis-                                                         107-01 Corona  Ave. Corona Heights, NY
        lation to combat squatting. I am
        proud to join my City Council                                                                     (718) 271-9274 • (718) 271-9871
        colleagues to co-sponsor Intro                                                                       - Reservations Suggested -
        907 and mandate reporting on
        squatting locations to provide
        us with the critical information
        to combat this citywide issue.
             CUNY Brings 30 Dreamers on Emotional Study

                                 Abroad Trip to Mexico
             Thirty Dreamers, including
        25 students and alumni from six
        CUNY colleges, traveled to Mex-
        ico in April for an all-expenses-
        paid study abroad program that
        was facilitated by CUNY Citi-
        zenship Now! and that also has
        the potential to help with their
        application for legal residency.
        Nearly all of the participants
        were born in Mexico and many
        had emotional visits with family
        members they had not seen since
        leaving the country as young
        children.                    commitment to pursue a col-   and community service oppor-
             “We were proud to offer this   lege education,” said CUNY  tunities, but also the chance to
        rare opportunity to our CUNY   Chancellor Félix V. Matos Ro-  reconnect and make memories
        Dreamers,  who  strengthen our   dríguez. “This transformative  with relatives they hadn’t been
        University community through   study abroad trip not only offered  able to see and hug since they left
        their courage, perseverance and   educational, cultural enrichment  Mexico very young.”
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