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PAGE 2                                                     THE QUEENS TIMES                                    THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 2024

                                                                      Community Op-Ed: Delivering Fair Pay to New York

                                                                                            City’s Delivery Workers

                                                                      (Continued from page 1)   ing harder and harder to get by.  cellphone or e-bike batteries.
                                                                                                I know the hustle is real. I know       And it is why we announced
                                                                        Delivery workers are an es-  what it is like to struggle. I was  five public e-battery charging
                                                                   sential part of our city, but just  raised by a working mother who  locations to test safe, public
                                                                   months ago, they were making  struggled to support my five sib-  charging of lithium-ion batteries
                                                                   an average of just $5.39 per hour  lings and me. Thousands of our  for 100 delivery workers.
                                                                   before tips.                 delivery workers are doing the       That is also why we plan to
                                                                   Our administration knew this  same to support themselves and  create the Department of Sustain-
                                                                   was unacceptable, so, in June  their families every day.   able Delivery. This will be a first-
                                                                   2023, we announced the nation’s       But we also know that there is  in-the-nation entity that regulates
                                                                   first minimum pay rate rule for  more to be done. We have heard  new forms of delivery transit and
                                                                   app-based food delivery workers.  that some delivery apps are mak-  helps keep our workers and our
                                                                   Since this new pay rate went into  ing it harder to tip and that some  streets safe.
                                                                   effect, delivery workers have al-  apps are locking out workers       We know that when things get
                                                                   ready seen a 165 percent increase  from shifts. This is wrong, and  tough, we must invest in our most
                                                                   in their pay per week and they are  we made that very clear last week  valued asset: our people.
                                                                   earning nearly $850 million more  when we stood with our Deliveri-       This is how you build a city
                                                                   annually.                    stas and delivery workers.   where all New Yorkers share in
                                                                        And this minimum pay rate is       That is why we are pioneer-  our prosperity, no matter what
               A & F Auto Repairs, Inc.                            increased to reflect inflation, be-  ing  first-of  -their-kind  hubs  line of work they are in, or what
                                                                   cause we know that New Yorkers  where our food delivery workers  borough they live in. We are de-
                            General Auto Repairs                   continue to feel the burden of the  can take shelter from inclement  livering fair pay for working-class
                           (Foreingn and Domestic)                 cost of living. People are work-  weather, rest, and recharge their  New Yorkers.
                             • Tires • Batteries                     Suozzi On The Ground In Ukraine, Poland,
                            • Electronic Tune-ups
                             • Inspection Station                                                And Moldova
                                 • Towing
                    ARIS & FRANK                                      (Continued from page 1)   middle of the night. Three Russian  tages held in dark, cold, and wet
                                                                                                missiles and 28 bomb-carrying  basements with little food and no
                43-05 111th Street • Corona Heights, NY                 Congressman Tom Suozzi (D-  drones targeted the city. Anti-  room to move or sleep for a month.
                     Greek, Spanish and Italian Spoken             NY), joined by a bipartisan group  aircraft defenses were deployed,  Hundreds of children, seniors, and
                                                                   of congressional members, met  and they were successfully shot  infants were confined without a
                 (718) 592-7470        (718) 699-2499              with Ukraine President Volody-  down, but Ukraine is running out  single toilet; buckets were used.
                                                                   myr Zelenskyy and top-ranking  of ammunition.             And when people died, their
                                                                   Ukrainian, Polish, Moldovan,       Zelenskyy met with Suozzi and  bodies were stacked up against
          Read Our Paper Online Visit our                          and US military and civilian of-  the delegation in the Chernihiv  the wall. When people asked for
           website:                            ficials during his trip last week to  region in Northern Ukraine, liber-  help, they were scolded by Russian
                                                                   war-weary Eastern Europe. The  ated from the Russians exactly two  soldiers and told, ‘This is war,’”
                    or scan QR code                                delegation included Senator Joni  years ago on Friday, April 5, 2022.  Suozzi retold.
                                                                   Ernst (R-IA) and Congress Mem-       The President briefed the group       He toured previously liberated
                                                                   bers Chuck Edwards (R-NC), Ash-  on the latest events on the battle-  battle-scarred towns and cities that
                         Subscribe to the                          ley Hinson (R-IA), Wiley Nickel  field, his army’s urgent needs, and  have been the victims of Russian
                                                                   (D-NC), and Mike Quigley (D-IL)
                  Queens Times                                          The trip began on Monday,  of Ukrainian children to Russia.  with the Governor of Odessa, Oleg
                                                                                                the scale of the illegal deportation  assault and destruction. He spoke
                                                                   April 1, 2024, and for security       Suozzi said that Zelenskyy  Kipper, and his team working to
                                                                   reasons, details were not released  began the meeting by saying, “We  keep the port operating while un-
                Your Local Newspaper-One Edition for All Of Queens  or publicized until the Congress  are grateful to everyone in the  der constant bombardment.
                                                                   members left for home. This is  United States, to every American       Suozzi visited fellow NATO
                     Just $36.50 per year... and have the paper    the only Congressional Delega-  heart that, like ours in Ukraine,  member Poland and met with For-
                       delivered to your door by US Mail           tion that stayed overnight and for  refuses to succumb to evil and  eign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski,
                                                                   multiple days in Ukraine since the  cherishes life.”      U.S. Ambassador Mark Brzezins-
                   Please Enter my Subscription For One Year       war started. The delegation stayed       “While meeting with President  ki, and several of Poland’s defense
                                                                   in Kyiv for two days and visited  Zelenskyy, he first and foremost  officials, as well as with the Presi-
           Name ..............................................................................  Odessa and multiple other sites  expressed his gratitude to the  dent of Moldova, Maia Sandy, to
                                                                   throughout the country, as well as  American people. He then made  better understand Russia’s threat
           Address ..........................................................................  neighboring Poland and Moldova.  it clear that the situation now in  to all of Eastern Europe.
                                                                        “It is vital that the United States  Ukraine is dire. Ukraine must be       Suozzi also met with U.S. Army
           City..................................................Zip...........................  act quickly to support Ukraine in  resupplied, and if they are, they  Brigadier General Jerry Baird and
              Please make check payable to: Queens Times and mail to:    every way we can,” Suozzi said.  can and will stop Putin,” said  other service members of the 82nd
                    11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357            “Putin is stepping up his at-  Suozzi.               Airborne Division stationed in
                                                                   tacks and he must be stopped.       Suozzi and the delegation saw  Poland and responsible for ship-
                                                                   The Ukrainians are running out of  the tragic toll taken by Ukraine’s  ping all arms and supplies into
                                                                   time, and we must act within the  civilian population, during the  Ukraine.
                                                                   next two weeks. Helping Ukraine  Russian invasion.             “It’s clear to me that America
                                                                   is not only a moral imperative       He visited the Ukrainian city  must continue its leadership in
                                                                   but also in America’s strategic  of Bucha, the site of civilian mas-  NATO to stand against any further
                                                                   and financial interests,” Suozzi  sacres and brutal killings first suf-  Russian aggression,” Suozzi said.
                                                                   explained.                   fered by Ukraine, where hundreds       Suozzi was unable to fly from
                                                                        “My week-long meetings with  of civilians were murdered and  Poland to Ukraine as flights have
                     Published every week by CT Publishing Corp.   the Ukrainian President, his mili-  buried in mass graves.  become impossible. He and the
            Executive Office: 102-54 Nicolls Avenue, Corona Heights, NY 11368  tary advisors, journalists, prosecu-       He spent time learning more  delegation took a 12-hour over-
                 Operations: 11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357  tors, farmers, local leaders, and  about the Russian siege from  night train to reach the embattled
                    Phone (718) 592-2196 • FAX (718) 357-3682      civilians on the ground convinced  Mayor Anatoliy Fedoruck and  country,
                      Web Site:                me more than ever of how coura-  War Crimes Prosecutor Gen-       The Congressman returned
                      email:                geous the Ukrainians are amidst  eral Roman Avramenko. “I visited  home on Monday, April 8th. He
                                                                   so much pain, suffering and terror  with residents held hostage, with  promised to provide a more exten-
               James C. Lisa .........................Publisher/Editor  Russia’s Putin has rained down  families whose apartment build-  sive description of his visit in the
               Lew Scala .............................. Associate Publisher/Webmaster  upon Ukraine,” he added.  ings were bombed, and churches  coming weeks.
               Lou Duro ...............................International Correspondent       “100,000 soldiers and civil-  destroyed, with farmers removing       “The people of my district
               Nicole Rescigno.....................Office Manager  ians have been killed, 10 million  mines before planting, journalists  would be appalled by what Putin
               Joseph V. Dorsa ...................Photo Journalist  people forced to leave their homes,  reporting in dangerous conditions  has done. I am more convinced
               Joseph Natalle .......................Photojournalist  20,000 children kidnapped and  while over 70 of their colleagues  than ever that he must be stopped,
         The Queens Times, USPS # P127 AIC060 is published weekly by CT Publishing Corp.   sent to Russia,” Suozzi empha-  have been killed, prosecutors at-  and that aiding Ukraine is central
         for an annual subscription charge of $28.50, mail subscription request to Queens Times,   sized.  tacking corruption, and with of-  to the United States strategic and
         11-20 154th Street, Whitestone, NY 11357, Periodicals Postage at Flushing, NY.         On Saturday, April 6th, in Kyiv,  ficials and civilians responsible to  financial interests,” concluded
         POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Queens Times at 11-20 154th Street,    Suozzi was awoken by the sear-  keep ports operating,” said Suozzi.  Suozzi. “I will carry that message
         Whitestone, NY 11357                                      ing sound of air-raid sirens in the       “I heard from liberated hos-  forward in Washington this week.”
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