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PAGE 6                                                     THE QUEENS TIMES                                      THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2022

         Assemblywoman Jenifer Rajkumar Hosts “Plant the Seeds of                                Meng Issues Statement on Greek Prime
                         Kindness” Flower Potting in Glendale                                                Minister’s Address to

          Families Turn Out for                                                                            Joint Session of Congress
         Distribution of Flowers
             Assemblywoman  Jenifer
        Rajkumar (D-AD 38) was de-
        lighted to join her friends in the
        community for the “Plant the
        Seeds of Kindness” flower dis-
        tribution. The event was a part-
        nership between the Assembly-
        woman and local florist and cafe
        operator Dorothy Stepnowska,
        Councilman Robert Holden, and
        the Glendale Civic Association.
             The event at the “Uncle”
        Vito  F.  Maranzano Glendale
        Playground gave children the
        opportunity to pot flowers that
        they could then take home. They
        were  encouraged  to  give  the
        flowers as gifts to others. As-  Pictured at the event; Assemblywoman Rajkumar’s Chief of
        semblywoman Rajkumar also  Staff Vjola Isufaj, community leader Dororthy Stepnowska,
        distributed free COVID-19 home  and  Glendale  Kiwanis  President  Teresa  Donahue
        test kits, PPE, hand sanitizer, and                                                     Meng shaking hands with Prime Minister Mitsotakis
        refreshments.                city, Forest Park. Every child       She added, “If they need help
             Reflecting on a successful  should not only experience their  deciding to whom to give their
        event, the Assemblywoman said,  own token of this natural beauty,  flower, I remind them that it is
        “Glendale is home to one of the  but also learn the value of gener-  never too late to give a Mother’s
        most beautiful sites in the entire  ously sharing it with others.”  Day gift.”
         During Mental Health Awareness Month Legislators Call For
                        Passage of Maternal Mental Health Bills

        Three bills would make depres-
        sion screenings available during
        prenatal, postnatal and pediatric
        visits; address inadequacies of ex-
        isting depression screening tools;
        and establish a working group to
        address underdiagnosis in vulner-
        able populations
             On May 16, legislators came
        together during Mental Health
        Awareness Month to call for the                                                         Congresswoman Meng is pictured with Stacy Bliagos
        passage of bills that would address
        both the maternal mental health                                                              U.S. Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY),        “It was an honor to listen to the
        needs of New Yorkers who give                                                           a member of the Congressional   Prime Minister as he delivered an
        birth and underdiagnosis and un-                                                        Hellenic Caucus and Vice Chair   historic address to Congress on
        dertreatment in vulnerable, at-risk                                                     of the House Appropriations Sub-  the strength of the U.S.-Greece
        populations—particularly Black                                                          committee on State and Foreign   relationship,” said Meng. “The
        and Brown women.                                                                        Operations, today attended Greek   U.S. and Greece share a special
             The bills are sponsored in the                                                     Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitso-  bond. As the Prime Minister
        Senate by Mental Health Commit-                                                         takis’ address to a joint session
        tee Chair Senator Samra Brouk,  birth, affecting one in five women.  stance use disorders, can create   of Congress.     (Continued on page 10)
        and sponsored in the Assembly  The risks are significantly higher  bonding issues between a birthing
        by Assemblymember Jessica  for new mothers of color; notably,  parent and her baby, contribute to
        González-Rojas, Black, Puerto Ri-  while Black women are twice as  sleep and feeding problems, and
        can, Hispanic & Asian Legislative  likely to experience many of these  cause mental, emotional, develop-
        Caucus Chair Assemblywoman  conditions, they are half as likely  mental and verbal complications
        Michaëlle Solages, and Assembly-  to  seek  help.  Maternal  mental  in children.
        woman Sarah Clark.           health conditions such as anxiety       The Senate has passed S7752
             Maternal mental health condi-  disorders, obsessive-compulsive  and S7753, and S7865 was recently
        tions are the most common com-  disorder, post-traumatic stress
        plication in pregnancy and child-  disorder, bipolar illness and sub-  (Continued on page 10)
          Mayor Eric Adams to Pace Students: To Change The World,
                              You Must Protest And Protect

             Standing before thousands of
        graduates at Pace University’s
        Commencement, Mayor Eric Ad-
        ams today praised the uniqueness
        of the American Dream and said
        that in order for it to be realized,
        people must not only shine a light
        on injustices facing society, but
        they must then take action to pro-
        tect the afflicted and those who
        are suffering.
             Speaking to roughly 15,000
        people – including 3,500 gradu-
        ates, 2,800 from the Class of 2022
        -- at USTA Billie Jean King Na-
        tional Tennis Center in Queens the
        mayor listed a series of protests he
        was involved in over decades and
        said whether it is an issue with gun
                                     Mayor Eric Adams addresses attendees at Pace University’s
                                     Commencement at  the USTA Billie  Jean King  National
            (Continued on page 9)    Tennis Center in Queens. Photo Credit: Piero Robelli.
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