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                                           Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 29, NO. 29                                       THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2024                                                  25 CENTS

                                                                     Congressman Suozzi Teams Up With National And
            Mayor Adams Community Op-Ed:
                                                                     Local Nonprofit Groups to Highlight New Summer
           City of Yes: A Little More Housing                                           Food for Children Program
                    in Every Neighborhood

                    Our city is facing a generational housing crisis with
              a vacancy rate at 1.4 percent, and half of all New York
              renters are paying more than 30 percent of their income
              in rent. The only way to solve this crisis is simple: build
              more. That requires all of us to say ‘yes’ to a little more
              housing in every neighborhood and ‘yes’ to ‘City of Yes
              for Housing Opportunity’ plan — the most pro-housing
              zoning proposal in New York City’s history.
                   There is a growing chorus of voices all across the city
              saying ‘yes’ to our City of Yes proposal. Last week, the
              New York City Planning Commission held an all-day
              hearing on the proposal with over 200 New Yorkers
              testifying — the majority of which voicing their sup-
              port. And they weren’t alone. Last week, the borough
              presidents in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan, as
              well as LGBTQ+ advocates and AARP also stood up
              to proudly say ‘yes’ as well.
                   If passed, City of Yes would allow us to finally
              address the longstanding housing shortage that has
              made life difficult and unaffordable for far too many
              hardworking New Yorkers. Everybody has a story: The
              would-be homeowners outbid by cash buyers or a private
              equity firm, the firefighter who cannot afford to live in

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          Pheffer Amato Votes To Crackdown

           on E-Bikes - Bill Signed Into Law                       Congressman Tom Suozzi and Hunger Free America host event at farm stand to promote the
                                                                   new, federally funded Summer EBT program for low income children. See story on page 2.
                                     everyone throughout New York. I
                                     am proud to have voted yes to cre-  Liu, Rozic, & Civic Leaders Gather in Fresh Meadows
                                     ate rules and require a new form
                                     of accountability so retailers and   to Warn Against Reckless Driving And Car Takeovers
                                     those who wish to purchase things
                                     like e-bikes will have to regis-                            in Parking Lots
                                     ter with the DMV,” said Pheffer
                                     Amato. The Assemblywoman cited
                                     how unregistered e-bikes have
                                     been able to ride with impunity and
                                     endangered pedestrians, cyclists,
                                     and motorists, but now “the law is
             New York State Assembly-  clear and if you want to be on the
        woman Stacey Pheffer Amato  road you have to follow the law!”
        voted “yes” to pass a bill which       Assemblywoman Pheffer Amato
        requires e-bikes, e-scooters with  has been one of the largest critics
        a seat, mopeds, vespas, or other  of e-bikes and e-scooters and has
        types of vehicles that qualify under  notably worked to get them off
        the definition of a “limited use mo-  the  streets.  She  previously  co-
        torcycle” to be registered with NYS  sponsored the bill, A.4938, which
        before leaving the premises of the  was also signed into law, making it
        retailers. With Pheffer Amato’s yes  illegal to sell lithium-ion batteries
        vote, A.8450 was able to pass the  for devices, like e-bikes, unless
        State Assembly and be delivered  the battery is certified by a nation-
        to the Governor for signing, and  ally accredited testing laboratory.
        thus becoming a law. A limited  Illegally made or second-hand
        use motorcycle is a vehicle that has  batteries have been traced back to
        either “two or three wheels, with  200 fires in NYC throughout 2022,
        a seat or saddle for the operator.”  which resulted in 6 deaths and over
             “Enough is enough! These types  100 injuries.
        of vehicles are a nuisance and nega-       The law can begin immediately   Legislators Call for Governor Hochul to Approve Bill to Clamp Down on Reckless Driving.
        tively impact the quality of life of  with full enforcement beginning   Legislation Would Allow for Law Enforcement to Address Reckless Driving in Parking Lots.
        the people in our community, and  by January 2025.         See story on page 3.
                                One Edition for ALL of Queens!

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