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                                           Published for the Borough of Queens

          VOLUME 28, NO. 12                                     THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 2023                                                   25 CENTS

                                                                   NYS Governor Kathy Hochul Holds
                    CONSUMER ALERT:
              Attorney General James Warns                                  St. Joseph Day Feast at CCF
               New Yorkers to be Cautious of
                 Practices Targeting Jewish
               Communities Before Passover

                 New York Attorney General Letitia James today issued a
            consumer alert urging New Yorkers to be cautious of potential
            discriminatory pricing practices at car washes in advance of
            Passover. In previous years, there have been reports of car wash
            businesses in predominantly Orthodox Jewish communities
            in New York City raising prices by as much as 50 percent for
            Jewish customers seeking cleaning services close to Passover.
            In the days leading up to Passover, many Jews clean their
            homes, cars, and other spaces to remove “chametz” (leavened
            products). According to reports provided to the Office of the
            Attorney General (OAG), some companies have advertised
            “specials” for car washing services related to Passover, but
            instead, charged higher prices to customers. To protect New
            Yorkers from these practices, Attorney General James has
            previously sent letters to organizations representing car wash
            owners in New York to remind their members that any such
            business practice is illegal and should be reported to OAG.
                 “Taking advantage of someone’s religious observances
            and practices is offensive, discriminatory, and absolutely
            unacceptable,” said Attorney General James. “For millions
            of observant Jews in New York and beyond, Passover is an
            important holiday, and their preparations should be respected,
            not manipulated for profit. I urge any New Yorker who is con-
            cerned that they have been a victim of discriminatory behavior
            because of their religion, race, or background to contact my   NYS Governor Kathy Hochul held a St. Joseph Day Feast at the Columbus Citizens Foundation
                                                                   (CCF) in NYC where Gov. Hochul presented a St. Joseph Day Citation to the CCF. After the
                           (Continued on page 2)                   presentation Gov. Hochul is pictured with ( l to r)   Robert Ferrito, National President of the
                                                                   OSDIA Commission for Social Justice; John Fratta, Chairman NYS Commission for Social
         District Attorney Melinda Katz                            Justice; James C. Lisa, President of Italian American PAC and Editor of GIA (Giornale Italo
                                                                   Americano); Gov. Hochul; Angelo Vivolo, President of Columbus Heritage Coalition; John
          Receives Endorsement of NYC                              Calvelli, the Executive Vice President of Public Affairs for the Wildlife Conservation Society
                                                                   (WCS); Min. Plen. Fabrizio Di Michele, Consul General of Italy in New York and Dr. Joseph Scelsa,
          District Council of Carpenters                           President and Founder of the Italian American Museum. Not pictured Robert Fonti I AM PAC VP.

                 And SMART Local 28                                 33 Reputed Gang Members Indicted on

          Two of New York’s largest building trades unions                   Murder, Gun Violence Charges
            endorse Melinda Katz for four more years as
                           District Attorney
             District Attorney Melinda
        Katz’s campaign for re-election
        proudly announced the endorse-
        ments of the New York City
        District Council of Carpenters,
        who represent nine local carpen-
        ters unions, and SMART Local
        28 Sheet Metal Workers. These
        unions, who represent thousands
        of New Yorkers, living and work-
        ing throughout the city,  are speak-
        ing with one voice to call for four
        more years of District Attorney
        Melinda Katz. They join a long
        list of other labor organizations  day. They make their voices heard
        endorsing the DA.            for fair working conditions, safe
             “The hardworking men and  streets, and fair courtrooms and
        women of organized labor build
        this City and keep it moving every   (Continued on page 2)         Possibly Largest Gang Takedown Ever in Queens. See story on page 2.

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